Make the web app's calendar page auto-refreshing

I have the calendar page ( always open in a pinned browser tab. It’s always there. It’s the single most important page of the TR web app for me. My home base.

I open that tab regularly

  • after finishing a workout, so I can go to the workout details, analyze, and download the fit file (to import into Golden Cheetah, FYI).
  • on a training day, to see which workout is due today.

However, each time I open this tab, I hit my browser’s refresh button first, because the data in the calendar page is outdated.

  • After a workout, the workout is still showing up as a scheduled workout. So I reload the page to actually see the completed workout.
  • On any given day, the calendar is not highlighting the right date. Instead it’s highlighting the last day when I loaded the page. Which reminds me that the page is outdated and makes me want to reload it.

All of this is not a big problem. I can do it. Just the fact that I feel I have to do it every time I look at this page makes me want to write this long feature request. And it makes me want you to take care of the refreshing for me.

Thanks for listening! (Yeah, I know, this feels like opening a pandora’s box. If you start with auto-refreshing here, users will soon want it everywhere. And rightfully so. TR is much more an app than a website, where “pages” are “downloaded”. The web app is a tool, a means to an end, and we don’t use it for the joy of using it. We want to get stuff done. We want to see up-to-date, correct data. ;-))


Cool idea! Definitely worth looking into as a team. Thanks for the note!

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