Using a smartphone to select rides is rubbish


Normally I use TrainerRoad on my PC.

Lately I have been using my smartphone a bit more to try and update my calendar for later etc…

On some pages I can’t even scroll down.

That suggests something has been turned off in the html code etc.

Basically, navigating sections of the site is really a bad user experience on my smartphone.

I’m using a standard Samsung S8 running android 8.0

Other sites don’t have this issue.

For example, trying to search for a suitable workout can’t be done, as I can’t scroll down or swipe down the page.

Come on TR please sort this out. Everything else is great.


It works like a dream on my iphone


I do all my workouts using a Samsung Phone and my calendar work with an iPhone or Samsung android tablet.

I would suggest an email into to see if they can help

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I have Samsung s7 and all works fine for me…

I have the same issue. Usually it can be fixed by reloading the page.

At least on Android the website doesn’t really offer as smooth of an experience as one would expect. In addition to the scrolling problems the loading time takes me back to the dial-up times of the 90s.

I do all my workouts on a Samsung S7 in the app and it works fine.

All calendar work I do on my laptop on the TR website.

I do my workouts one either my PC or my Moto Z3 running Android Oreo. I have not experienced any issues in selecting my rides or loading workouts on my phone. All of my calendar and plan set up I do on PC. I really only use my phone to do workouts when my PC isn’t handy or I want to use split screen and watch a CX race while I work out.
Do you have trouble scrolling through any other menus/pages in the app or just workouts?
If I search for a workout I will sometimes get just the first bit of the page, but if i reload the page it all works. As long as I do the workouts that are on my calendar I’ve had no issues on the phone.

The app works fine on my S8 but the calendar through a browser is totally unusable. Can’t scroll. Nothing loads. I use the calendar on PC

Webpage and app work like a dream on my s& edge with the most recent android update. I would suggest contacting support…they’re very fast and very helpful

When I go into Workouts or Calendar on my smartphone (Samsung S8), i tloads the page but I can’t swipe down (or scroll down as there is no scroll bar). So I can’t see more than one page worth of info, which on a smartphone is not very much.

Based on the suggestions above, if I reload the page again in the web browser, the functionality suddenly occurs and I can swipe down.

Not sure what causes this glitch, but at least it looks like this may be a work around.

To be clear for others with the same problem, RELOAD the CURRENT PAGE TO BE ABLE TO SWIPE DOWN.


Are you using the app or the website?

Woah! Works! I just never bothered to look into this further.

Now I can fiddle with my calendar during downtimes at work!


To be clear, I have not been using the App, I was just using chrome browser on the smartphone.

(I rarely find apps better than a chrome browser as I want to be able to do what I choose via browser controls rather than what an App developer has decided. Also, I don’t like many of the security compromises you have to agree to when using most Apps.)

Having said that, I will look at the TrainerRoad app, but now I have leaned about the refresh “solution” I will probably stick with chrome.

Based on comments in various other threads and on the podcasts, TR is working to bring the apps to parity with the web site for calendar. If you use the phone app, certain operations will send you to your web browser, some may not be available or may be clunkier. Known problem. Work in progress.

If you can’t swipe down on the browser page, try reloading. Reload solves it for me every time. I’m not sure if that’s is a TR web code thing, the mobile browser is trying to save data or what, but it only happens on mobile.

I find running workouts on a phone fine and can edit calendar in mobile browser but prefer desktop browser.

YMMV based on your patience and attitude toward technology.

I will say, I got a Samsung tablet for Christmas and trying to fiddle with my calendar on it gets nowhere fast. So I think I do have to feel a bit for the people who have complained about the switch.

One cause of this is that when you use the hamburger menu it adds overflow: hidden css to the body (in the nav--open css module). This then isn’t removed when the navigation happens, so you can’t scroll until a page refresh resets the css. Someone add that to jira.


Thank you Mark.
I think this is the reason.
Pre mobile days I used to build websites and I had a feeling something in the code or css was causing this.
It seems the hamburger menu (the 3 little horizontal lines) has advantages and disadvantages.
Thanks for the technical reason why this happens.
I didn’t fully understand your solution. Going forward, is that something TR should implement on their website?

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Yeah, this is just a bug that TR will need to take a look at. I’ll see if I can find the appropriate place to report it, probably just their support@ email address. (edit: and I’ve now done that)


I raised this a while back with support on ticket 133360.

Looks like it is becoming more of a big deal. I only use Android and it hits both use of web app in Chrome and sometimes the Android app on there (which is pretty limited anyhow).

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I think it would put people off using TR or stop them from signing up if they came across this bug.

Not sure how many experience this issue, but thankfully the “refresh the page” method seems to give a quick fix.