Using iPad (6th generation) with TrainerRoad

Hi, I’m looking into purchasing a tablet and was considering the iPad 6th gen (or other newer model). I wanted to make sure it would be compatible with Trainer Road. I know the iPads don’t have Ant+ like some other tablets. I read about ant+ keys on the Trainer Road website. Does anyone use an Ant+ key with an iPad 6th gen and if so does it work pretty well? Do you just need the Ant+ key or is there another adapter needed? Thanks!

Does your trainer support Bluetooth? If that is the case, just use that.

The USBC+Ant USB key will not work.

I haven’t tried the daisy chained 40-pin key but I have doubts that it will work

It works to read but not to control. You need BT to control from what i have found.

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That weirdly makes sense

I’m a bit confused by the difference between these and what Bluetooth does for you as opposed to the Ant+. I have a Kurt Kinetic trainer (not a smart trainer) and I used a Garmin watch (920XT) that pairs using Ant+ with Garmin cadence and speed sensor.

If you are just reading power, cadence, speed, then it should work fine for you if you use the Wahoo 40 pin key, adapter, and lightning to usb-c adapter.

If you had a smart trainer, you would want to use Bluetooth so it could control the trainer

Ah ok, that makes sense. Thank you!

I have the latest Ipad Pro 12.9 inch for the last year, used it with Kickr and neo 2, garmin dual heart rate monitor, quarq power meter, everything in bluetooth with no issues or adapters. Several other heart rate monitors and power meters with bluetooth, no issues. and of course with trainerroad with no issues.

So the ANT+USB/with a cable adapter will not read in the TrainerRoad software on the iPad? I have a dumb trainer. I just want my sensors to read on the iPad software… HOW? Cable BT bridge?

It should “read” properly, according to what others are saying and since you are on a dumb trainer, this “should” work. I personally haven’t verified it.

You would need:
Wahoo Ant+ Key (40 pin)
40-pin to Lightning adapter (for iPads with the small iPhone type connector, 2 dongles total)
Lightning to USB-C adapater for the newest iPad Pro (3 dongles total)

This is all correct :+1:

As you can see, Apple doesn’t make it easy to setup via ANT+.

Since you have a dumb trainer, I would recommend picking up a Bluetooth compatible speed sensor so that you can skip the ~$60 of dongles and just pair directly to your iPad.


so just to be clear nobody has actually tried this with a USB Garmin dongle to read the sensors?

While we have not tested this in house, I spoke with Support and confirmed that this should not work.