New iPad with USB-C


I have successfully been using a 10.5” iPad Pro with a WaHoo Fitnes Key and a Lightening to 30 pin adapter. On Wednesday I will be taking delivery of an 11” iPad Pro with a USB-C connector. (No Lightening Connecter). My old iPad will be heading to my daughter.

I also have a USB A Garmin Ant Stick and a USB-A to USB-C adapter

Will I be able to use the new iPad with Trainer Road?


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Your Wahoo Fitness Key won’t work unless there’s a Lightning to USB-C adapter, which will further convolute things because man that’s a lot of adapters.

Otherwise it should be fine, though I’m not sure what the need is for all the adapters? I run my TR on my iPad using just Bluetooth.

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You should be able to use the Garmin key with the USB-C to USB-A adapter you have.

If you want to use the Wahoo key, you’d need a USB-C to 30-Pin Adapter, like this one:


Thanks for your reply and the good news!

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If you go this route @MontyMo can you reply back if it works?

I’m looking at the new iPads and this info would be helpful to know

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Well, I have my new 11” iPad Pro with USB-C
No luck connecting the Garmin USB-A with the Apple A to C dongle

Trainer Road software reports that Ant+ is not available

Any suggestions?

Darn. This might seem like a silly question, but can you use Bluetooth?


That is not an option. I use rollers and an OLD PowerTap

I would be interested in knowing if that’s going to work. Not for TR but for syncing with my garmin footpod for zwift run. I was looking up online today how to get ant+ working on an ipad but couldn’t find anything conclusive


I use it exactly for what you’re looking to do. Zero issues.

Man, thanks for sharing that. I would never thought about a bridge between ANT+ and Bluetooth to solve the issue. The problem it would suck for me to buy another HR Strap(Already have a wahoo tickr and several garmin run). I saw a device called cable that serves the same purpose. I wonder if there isn’t an APP that could do it as well. I have a galaxy S8 that has BLE and ANT+ built in, there could be some smart people out there to find away to do that.



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OMG, that looks perfect!

I believe I’m reading this correctly. The heart rate strap with gather data from my power meter, cadence etc. and transmit that data along with the heartrate to my iPad via Bluetooth. And to top it off TrainerRoad reads the Bluetooth data


Thank You soooooo munch


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Yup, I hear ya. I already had a basic garmin HRM and a HRM TRI before I bought the 4iiii. I bought the 4iiii mainly to have a BT HRM option and to bridge the garmin footpod for Zwift run.

You might find this interesting (I did)…

Long story short? A calibrated garmin footpod is basically as accurate as Stryd on a TM. My results concur as my gym treadmills are remarkably accurate for speed and the FP is within seconds per km over distance.


I believe TR uses a different BT protocol. I don’t think it will bridge your ANT+ cadence and PM to the TR iPad app via BT using a bridge (or at least the 4iiii).

I could be wrong though. I actually haven’t tested it because my Smart trainer and PM are also BT.

different BT protocol for windows, it works fine on stock Apple BT hardware

That’s interesting for a few reasons:

  • I could just use my ticker X that doesn’t look to perform that bad on faster speeds. Since I’m a bit freak about data I could connect the ticker to zwift just for the gamification factor and keep the garment pod connected to my watch for a better training assessment
  • Do you know how accurate these Myrun treadmills are? He used it as the benchmark but I’ve seen treadmills being quite off pacewise when compared to the farming footpod.
  • why did he went trough the trouble of comparing non calibrated foot pods? It makes no sense to me.


Hi folks, any update on this?

I have the 2018 iPad and was hoping to usb my usb stick for ant+ via a dongal, but it’s not working (as covered above!)

I cannot find an adapter to convert my 32 pin dongal either.

Does the viiiva work with iPad and TR? Nd with zwift?



I’d just buy the Wahoo Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor. I have lose, a Tickr, and my Kickr Snap- all communicate fine to my iPad Pro.

I use a “dumb” trainer and use my Garmin Vectors for power though, so I’d be taking a few steps backward.

I contacted Apple about this one as neither my ANT+ USB wasn’t registering on my 2018 iPad Pro, and there wasn’t a method of getting my wahoo ANT+ Dongle to connect with the iPad.

They said that there is no connectivity between the items and the iPad.

I messaged Apple with an improvement suggestion to see if they could arrange for the ANT+ USB dongle to work…apparently they listen to these…sometimes :-/

Time will tell, but I’m not holding my breath.

I’m also not investing in a CABLE… far too expensive as a workaround.

I’ll just use my iPad to watch Netflix whilst using my phone with TR. :pensive: