Using Excel for data

I’ve seen many people referencing using Excel/Google sheets for tracking data. I’m curious what specifically you use it for? And if anyone has some templates they are willing to share?

I currently use Google Sheets for my race schedule and tracking weight and FTP. But would really love some ideas on how to get more out of it if possible!

BC (Before Calendar), I used a spreadsheet I found online to plan and track training. I entered data on the sheet to predict TSS/ATL/CTL and generate a predicted PMC. I used Golden Cheetah to calculate ride data to input for complete rides. GC gave me a better PMC and time slicing for viewing current state, but the spreadsheet let me plan for the future.

(After a bit of searching…) Excel Training Planner | setark0s

I stopped using it either a couple of months after Performance Analytics came out or shortly after Calendar. I still keep GC updated, but spend a lot less time analyzing there vs. PA.

Yeah, it seems redundant to do it for that sort of thing. I wouldn’t be interested in that either considering the performance analytics involved with TR now!

I’ve just seen some posts here and there linking a chart that looks like it is from a spreadsheet they created, such as w/kg sort of thing and another person regarding nutrition.