Website bug on Chrome Android? (Not Scrolling)

I have a Google Pixel XL with Android Pie and the latest version of Chrome on it, and when I view a workout (e.g. Monroe +2 I can’t scroll down the page without selecting some text and dragging down the screen - very annoying!

It seems to be a bit intermittent, but scrolling for me is impossible on about 90% of page views.

Not sure this is the right place to post this, but it seemed the best fit.


Have the same issue. Band-aid was to reload the page and then you can scroll down.


I think I am seeing the same issue. Upon fort open, u can only scroll a small amount before it stops.

My solution is to go to the top and use the Refresh button. That seems to reload the page and give full scrolling after it.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The calendar is very hard to use with the Samsung browser as well and super slow. I have to switch to viewing in desktop mode to make it at least somewhat usable. Much better on the actual PC desktop browser of course.

Same issue here on Pixel 2 and its been there for quite some time. Refresh works, though at some point it would be nice to not have to do that. :slight_smile:

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Same issue here. Not just there even but a number of parts of the web app do not refresh. Have also had same on a PC with Chrome, but far less frequently.

Have been speaking to support about it one such quote from them on latest is copied below:

"The Calendar is clunky using any web browser on an Android device. In fact, I did a little testing in-house using a couple of different Android devices, and I see the exact issues you’re experiencing.

Again, I apologize you’re being faced with an unfriendly user-experience.

I want to express that this user-experience and the solution I suggested are only temporary. We plan to develop so that all Calendar planning and usage is done strictly within the app only. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA on how long this will take us, but I promise you we recognize the problems you’re experiencing, and we’re working hard to improve the user experience for Calendar."

It is a pain but am trying to work around it. Being ill for 2 weeks and a busy life I have had to move a lot around and working on a site that feels very much beta test is frustrating.

Ticket number is 133360 if anyone wants to help support appreciate scale (or not) of the issue.

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Same here on a Pixel / Chrome it’s been there a while tbh, refresh a few times fixes it. I’ll add my 2p to the ticket.

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Same, have had that problem for a long time

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Same here. In chrome on my motto x4 and the Samsung A8.

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Since this post I have had more sync problems in the Android app.

My worry is they are ploughing ahead with functionality and not resolving the bugs that got introduced on way through. Their support teams continue to be responsive but very a little I how helpful they are.

To quote their latest response (from a support ticket I raised for missing TSS from a completed ride, which did previously show TSS).

I know there are some persistent little bugs like this. We have issues written up for all of the reported bugs that we have, and we are constantly having our development team look into what’s going behind the scenes for the root cause. I don’t want you to feel like we’re just ignoring things like this or our users.

Right now, our priority is rebuilding the app so that it runs much more smoothly on all platforms. This is actually forecasted to be done pretty quickly, but it is taking most of our developer resources. After that, we’re going to work on hammering out these smaller bugs. In fact, we’re hoping that the app revamp will actually fix many of these bugs. As I’m sure you’re aware, app and web development aren’t particularly straightforward. We really do want your TrainerRoad experience to be as smooth and effortless as possible."

From what else they said it sounds like we can expect some good progress in the next month or so.

Hello there!

I don’t know if I am alone with this problem but I can’t scroll down in the calendar when using Chrome on my Moto GS 5. It also happens when going to Past Rides. It says showing 10 of 477 rides but I don’t see any.

Let me know if there is a known solution.

Here is a screenshot.

Reloading the page usually helps. It’s a work around and not a fix, but it’s better than nothing.


Switching to desktop view on the web browser is the only way to make it somewhat tolerable for me, but even then there’s serious lag when clicking things and if I hold my finger too long in the wrong spot (i.e. If I’m trying to pinch zoom) workouts will start dragging around the calendar–Ack!!

There’s another post on this somewhere. It’s triggered by using the hamburger menu to navigate to another page, from there you won’t be able to scroll, but reloading the page should fix it. I’ve fired off an email to support@ and I’m sure they’ve had other reports, so hopefully a fix will be out soon.

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Another Pixel XL user here with the same problem

Having come from using TP on my phone to plan all my training it is very frustrating tonot be able to do the same with TR. A bit of a first world problem but being practically forced to use an actual computer to make adjustments or plan out my training has certainly taken away from my overall TR experience and until it’s fixed it would be hard to give a 5 stars review given that training calendar competitor already has a fully mobile solution.

Somehow this still seems to be an issue, nearly a year later…! (Chrome on Huawei P30 pro - but I’m guessing it affects most android Chrome installs)

It happens in Firefox for Android too. (Firefox 68.2b5, Android 9, Moto x4)

Last I heard from TR was that this bug was harder to fix than anticipated and there were no timelines for fixing. Happy to be corrected.

Original fix estimate was I think Q1ish this year. As an Android only user who frequently moved workouts about the impact was sizeable to the point I stopped using TR. It was also the primary reason for cancelling my renewal.

Same issue on my Samsung phone

The problem seems to be down to the <body> tag having a CSS class of product-nav--open which in turn has the CSS rule overflow:hidden.

The whole site runs on AngularJS which I’ve never used, so I can’t go very far as to suggest a fix - I’m sure there’s a good reason why this overflow rule is applied.

There is however a stackoverflow answer relating (I think) to this AngularJS bug (albeit with a different classname):

Feels like it might be an easy fix if someone at TR sees this, but maybe fixing it causes bigger problems elsewhere - so often the way with web-development!

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