Feature Request: Colo(u)r blindness mode

Noticed this on another thread where a green/red colour-blind rider was unable to see the hue change on the bar which signified whether they were hitting their power.

Is it possible to make a quick change and add this option for those who need it? I know it’s small but accessibility is definitely important.

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Couldn’t agree more, certainly riding a dumb trainer this could be helpful. I believe around 8% of men have some type of colour vision deficiency.

I a lot of games you can choose the type of color-schemes to use maybe that is a good option.

I’m color blind myself and the app doesn’t bother me. I saw that post as well and didn’t understand why that would be a reason not to want to use TR. I’m more of a numbers person any way so that is all I focus on.

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Whilst I have no problem with the red/green bar on TR, as someone who is red green colourblind I always appreciate efforts from devs to make games/software more accessible to those who are colourblind so this is a +1 from me.

I don’t think this would put anyone off TR at all - the other poster just wasn’t aware of the colour changing visual indicator on the bar.

Of course, you can see the power line, the raw numbers and the bar on the line as other indicators without the red=missing green=on target but it’s a relatively minor thing TR could do to increase their accessibility.

I was aware of this when I first designed it, and that’s why there are three different visual indicators if you’ re hitting your targets.

  1. Red/Green bar color (doesn’t work for color blind people)
  2. Intensity bar matching target line
  3. Current power and target power metrics

Let’s say we just had a dot that would change colors (green to red) without #2 and #3. That wouldn’t work. But since we are encoding the information with both #2 and #3 we’re good.

This is like US street lights. If they were just one light there would be lots of accidents. But because it’s encoded by position too (top red, bottom green) it works just fine for color blind people.