Upload the trainings on Garmin's device

Guys, how can I upload the TR trainings on my Garmin Edge 530?
I gived the authorization but I could not find the trainings on Garmin Connect’s calendar and I don’t know how to solve this problem.

In the app, click on a workout, then click the pencil icon in the bottom left. On the screen that comes up, click “outside”, then click save. After that, it should push to Garmin Connect and should go to your head unit after it syncs.

Edit: This is for iOS, assume it’s similar for android/web.

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I tried to do this a few times but…nothing.
I also tried to delete the sync and re-authorize it, make it indoor and then change back to outdoor but the trainings continue not to be showed on Garmin Connect

I don’t think I ever looked for it on the calendar, but I used to regularly send it to my 530. When I switched it on, with a few moments to allow for a download over Wi-Fi, then I just went to Training or Workouts and there it was.

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It sounds like you’ve done the right things so email the support team
Or use the live chat.

I have the older model 520+ and it works, so have confidence in the mean time that it will be resolved.

One tip is not to do it last minute, I often decide to go outside at the last minute and faff about trying to force sync things instead
Of planning the night before and giving myself an easy life :wink:

In the new GC it appears on the front page at the top

Is there any downside to setting up a TrainerRoad workout as an outside workout, syncing it to my Garmin, and then letting my Garmin control my indoor trainer?

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I tried this a few years ago but the warm up was like zero watts or really low. Might have changed since. Main workout controlled erg fine, although the workouts are simplified usually when made Outside versions.

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This is exactly what I did for 6 months when I was struggling with Wi-Fi in my shed and I wanted to run Zwift and TR at the same time.

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