TrainerRoad workouts not syncing to Garmin edge

My TrainerRoad workouts are not syncing to my Garmin edge. I’ve set the activity to outdoor workout, it appears in my Garmin connect calendar as such and I’ve tried syncing my Garmin, manually pushing the activity from Garmin connect and disconnecting ride sync on TrainerRoad and starting it all again.

I’m using a Garmin edge 530.

I had the same issue yesterday. It said it will sync 2 days before workout not sure if you can just decide to do a workout, outside and go or if you need to plan it.

For technical troubleshooting, our Support Team will be your best resource. You can reach out to the team at and an agent will get back to you as soon as possible :).

I just loaded an outside workout to my 530 no problems.

Given it is loading into the GC calendar but not onto the 530, I’d look at forcing a sync from the GC app on your phone.

I’m having the same issue. I see that “Download Complete” banner at the top of my 520 screen, however, when I go into Training > Workouts I see nothing, despite seeing the TR workout on my Connect calendar. Likewise, if I go Training > Training Calendar I see nothing.

If it’s made it as far as the garmin connect calendar then i would be looking for a sync issue on the garmin side?

I have an Edge and a Forerunner. When I tell TR that I want to do a workout outside, it syncs to Garmin Connect on my phone almost immediately. But then, for some reason, it will not sync to the Edge unless I turn off Bluetooth on my Forerunner. Took me a while to figure that out!

Just sharing in case that odd situation happens to apply to anyone else.