Upgrading my rollers...Elite Quick Motion rollers?

Hi everyone. I do all my TrainerRoad rides on a very old set of Minoura Action Mag rollers. I was thinking about upgrading to a smart trainer. I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time riding a Wahoo KICKR. After riding the KICKR, I decided I will stay with the rollers. So now I am thinking about upgrading to the Elite Quick Motion rollers. I was wondering if anyone has any experience using the Elite rollers with TrainerRoad…or if there are other rollers I should consider. Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Coach @Jonathan is a big fan of them. A few other members have them and they seem well reviewed.

They are about to release the Nero rollers. The same as the Quick Motion but they include smart resistance for use with TR, Zwift and such. I haven’t seen any reviews yet.


@mcconaha1 I have a set and have used them for TR workouts. If you’re accustomed to doing workouts on rollers and not reliant on too high of power for a lot of intervals then they are good rollers. They are good rollers regardless and the movement they provide actually does work when you try to accelerate. The resistance setting are not overly high but do provide some resistance compared to regular rollers. They fold up to a great size for storage if you’re not leaving it out regularly. I took them to races regularly they were so compact. If you’re not accustomed to work outs on the rollers then they can be arduous at first until riding the rollers has become accustomed to.

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On my CAAD12 in the 50 up front, 11 out back, 100RPM, rollers in setting 3/3, and 80PSI on Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless tires I get about 355w of consistent resistance. If I surge, I’ve seen as high as 850w before it settles back down.

On my SB100 with 32 up front, 10 out back, 100RPM, rollers in setting 3/3, and 21/22 PSI on Maxxis Ardent Race tides I get about 355w of consistent resistance.

They are fantastic rollers, and I’m glad they don’t have any sort of smart control. Keeps it simple, and I like the proactive nature of shifting and chasing a power target.

The main restriction is their length. If I got s size Large SB100 instead of the Medium that I normally ride, they would be a tad too short, so longer wheelbase bikes need not apply. Anything road, TT, gravel or CX should be fine though.


Thanks Chad. I have heard Jonathan talk about using rollers for his TrainerRoad rides. That’s a pretty good endorsement. I’m in no real hurry to upgrade so I might wait to see the Nero.

By the way, I liked your video on DIY motion rollers. I can be a little handy but that would take a lot more patients than i have right now.:grinning:

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Actually @Jonathan I have an xl Scalpel and Santa Cruz tall boy LT that are both longer than the reccommended wheelbase and they work great. They are 1250 and 1450mm wheelbase respectively.


Sweet! Great info @Lawrence. That’s why this forum rocks :metal:


@Jonathan I can’t temember where we have discussed this on the forum before but I know there were a couple of us using these rollers with longer wheelbases. After extensive research it was the only one that would allow these longer wheelbases and was all the more reason why they are awesome!

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Thanks Lawrence. I have been doing nearly all my TR rides on the Minoura rollers for a few years. The only time I have issues is when something requires higher power sprints. SS workouts are fine. I do sometimes struggle with the ramp test. I tend to need to spin pretty fast in the 50X11 to hit the higher numbers.


Good job. You’re a better man than I for atttempting a ramp test on the rollers😜

Thanks Jonathan. I like rollers for several reasons. Mainly, its not just mindless peddling. They force you to pay attention to technique while hitting your numbers. I have tried the KICKR and couldn’t get used to the trainer controlling everything. I feel riding the rollers makes the time pass faster.

Size won’t be an issue. I ride a 51 cm BMC and a 53 cm Bianchi on the rollers.


Hold out and wait for the Trutrainer smart rollers.

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I’m using Elite QM Rollers with my Favero Assioma power meter, and it’s my loviest workout setup. I’m prefering it more than my Neo beast. I’ll upgrade QM to Nero (it will be available to the end of 2018), because they will have power meter included with <2% accuracy. I’d like to use all of my bikes with power metering. I don’t like Erg mode for workouts, I prefer Smart mode with Zwift and power reading on rollers (this is ass saving option).

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I use sportcrafters rollers with an overdrive drum. Was a pretty awesome purchase since i got the original roller set for about 100, then upgraded to the overdrive drum about a year later. The overdrive drum does not have a linear power curve much like riding outside. I user a speed sensor on my rear wheel and 20 mph is about 220 watts.

I am on my cross slicks that i use for gravel at 60 psi, but 50x12 at 100 rpm is roughly 500 to 550 watts. It is roughly 650 watts at 110 rpm. The overdrive drum is compatible with many roller frames and if you need more resistance i think you can then use two overdrive drums. This is a very economical setup only about $250 total but the drum itself is 150. You can see if it fits your frame.


I have been on TR for close to a year and have used Elite e-motion rollers for every workout and FTP test including the Ramp, although going forward I will use the 20 minute FTP test rather than the Ramp. It is too hard to shift at 100 rpm under load while trying to stay upright. The rollers have 3 levels of resistance ( I keep mine at 2 of 3) which I have taken up to about 700 watts although there was room for more, just not from me. 4iiii PM on the left crank.

Love the rollers. Prior to the rollers I had a bike with Power Cranks on a Kurt Kinetic non-smart trainer. Came out of winter this year on the rollers and TR SS training feeling very strong.


I have very similar ones, but e-Motion B+ which are ANT+ controlled.

Love 'em! But TBH, I always use PowerMatch on the Quarq instead of ‘trusting’ the broadcast power from the rollers. Mine work great ANT+ controlled and have no issues holding whatever power TrainerRoad dictates.

(These were a bit of an odd bird from Elite, and I think they were some kind of patent violation or licensing thing with InsideRide. They were never ‘properly’ allowed in the USA… I bought mine in Germany and had them sent to a buddy in the UK who forwarded them onward to me)

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How do the Quick Motion rollers handle rain/water?

If i use them to warm up for crits next year and it is raining will the water affect them in any way?

I was never use them in rain, I think main problem will be the grip between tyres and rollers and transmission belts. Magnets are covered, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I still use my old Kreitler Rollers with the wind unit and a Powertap Wheel. I love the feeling of rollers and can do anything but sprint on them.



I think Elite sold the exclusive rights to the technology to InsideRide for all of North America. Mine are from Europe also.