Elite Quick Motion Rollers

Thanks to everyone who helped me decide to buy some Elite Quick Motions. They arrived this week, and I quickly got riding with them with my PM no problem. First time on rollers, but they actually seem really straightfoward. The EQMs are so smooth and the float feels great. It’s so much more engaging than the trainers. The skill required just makes it so much fun. I recommend them highly - they are really quiet too.

Need a couple of weeks unstructured practice then I will be trying some workouts!


Happy to have you on roller-board! Enjoy.


Funny enough I’m back on a set of really basic rollers with a PM after my trainer died. Just get into the workouts - you’ll soon pick up the skills you need.
Though I must admit one leg drills and standing takes a bit of practice but then that’s what those recovery valleys are for, in my experience… :joy: :+1:t2: :grin:


I recently bought elite direto xr, but I have to return it as soon as I find out ERG doesn’t work properly. I have to doubt myself about “Are smart things really durable/reliable? What am I focusing, VR ride? training?” etc… Bit of frustration and disappointment, I saw this post and remembered other threads about elite quick motion on this forum.

Now I’m filling my carts with QM(used), Garmin Vector 3(used), new shoes(using MTB shoes and cleats now), new cleat(look?). I previously trained with elite volano, and I will let my wife to use it with new bike. What a happy end of the year!(happy end + end of the year… oh my)


I’d agree with this - once you’ve bought a smart trainer you either have to sign up to something or re-ride Garmin workouts. Though I have no doubt it makes you faster… Life used to be much simpler. :joy:

Sorry old fart on the rampage… :joy: