Using TrainerRoad with rollers (no resistance)

Is it possible to use TR with rollers (without resistance) and expect the same results I’d get with a turbo with resistance? I think I know the answer but has anyone tried it and can provide some experience on the subject ?

I’d prefer to use rollers as there is zero pissing locking your bike into the turbo etc but I’m doubful I’d be getting a like for like ride in terms of power output etc

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What exact rollers do you have?

There are some options for adding resistance based on the roller material and/or specific model.

I’m also curious about this, as I’m on rollers (Travel Trac Technique pro Alloy Rollers) and after only a few weeks already seem to be bumping up against max speed. Definitely helps on bike skills though!

Tacx Galaxia, I can’t seem to find anything that would add resistance to it apart from running my tyres at about 40 PSI lol :wink:

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Well, dropping tire pressure is one option that works to a degree, and it not dependent on the specific rollers used. It may be worth a test if you haven’t already tried and not liked the results.

Various hack options exist, but essentially finding a resistance unit (could be fluid, magnetic, even wind) and adding to the rollers with a belt or o-ring can work:

More work, but a Killer Headwind could also be hacked into place:

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I use a set of Feedback Overdrive Rollers, not the compact ones that are for traveling/racing, it’s an actual set of rollers with internal resistance. I’ve also used standard rollers with no resistance and they are OK for anything up to maybe threshold work depending on your gearing. The Feedback roller allow me to get up to VO2 Max power levels but I’m about maxed out there. I use rollers as a way to break up the monotony especially during the winter months, I’ve been using my normal trainer pretty happily lately. So I’m not a roller die-hard but I do see the benefit. Try it, but you’ll need a PM.

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I forgot to ask, are you using a power meter or TR Virtual Power?

If VP, adding a resistance unit hack will mess up the power relationship, so that may be a bad deal.

4iiii power meter on crank


Perfect, so you can potentially hack something if you feel the need.

To your original question, the limits you may experience are related to the power you need.

  • If your FTP is low and/or you are able to hit the higher power demands within workouts, you are already set.
  • If your FTP is higher and/or you are already coming up short, you may want to add resistance to the rollers, or switch to resistance trainer.

Cheers all, I’ll give it a go. Rollers have been sat in the garage for 2 years so there will be a few cobwebs to blow off lol

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Good luck and be careful :wink:

I’ve been doing all my workouts on rollers for the last 3 months. I used me trainer recently again for a zwift meetup, and hated riding it, lol.

I have some aluminium Minouras of average diameter, and added a mag bar that may or may not add a little bit more resistance. At 225W FTP, its enough resistance for all my workouts - the only one I couldn’t do was the ramp test! I run out of gears and couldn’t keep power up long enough. It was fine doing 15s bursts at higher power, but I can’t hold it there for minutes during the ramp test.

Agree about the ease of use, and the ride feel is much better than my cheap trainer.

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It’s like riding a bike. sort of. :grin:

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Bikes on ice, is the best description I can give. I still remember the first ride on rollers and it was terrifying :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a good description. I remember learning in a door frame. Now I only fall off occasionally!

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I ride Kreitler 2.25 rollers with a Specialized Langster, fully fixed, with 48-19. It adds a little something to the session.

Back pedals might be a whole new workout!

I tried adding an extra cord (didn’t help), two magnet boards (didn’t help). Finally put some wet towels over the rear rollers and weighted them down w/ dumbbells. That worked, but I ended up buying Elite Quick Motion rollers. I don’t even need to move off position 2 (of 3) for my workouts now