Updating FTP during an active training plan

Hello, I’m new to TR and interval training in general.

I’m in the middle of a Sweet Spot Base training plan. Last week I clicked on the button to update my FTP based on AI detection, and accepted the new FTP which was about 20 higher than what I had started the plan with. Many of my workouts updated to adjust for this, but some of them didn’t. For example, this week I have a Sweet Spot 4.2 workout planned but I’m only at Sweet Spot 1.1 after my FTP update. Shouldn’t that one have been updated too?

In general, should I have avoided updating my FTP in the middle of a training cycle?

Hey there! Welcome to the TR community! :smiley:

Great work on the FTP increase! When your FTP goes up, your Progression Levels should go down, which will then be reflected in the Workout Levels of your upcoming training sessions.

It looks like one of the workouts on your Calendar got stuck, but I was able to refresh things to get it sorted for you.

We generally advise using AI FTP Detection or taking a Ramp/FTP Test at the start of each training block. This allows you to set a power benchmark for each block of training while then proceeding to increase your Progression Levels as you work through your plan. Improving your Progression Levels can enable you to better express your fitness across different training zones. This might look something like increasing the amount of time you can spend in a given zone or improving your ability to do hard efforts repeatedly.

In the Base and Build phases, the biggest goal is arguably to increase your power/FTP, so if your workouts don’t feel appropriately challenging, it can be a good idea to use AI FTP Detection or do a Ramp/FTP Test. In the Specialty phase, most of your fitness will already have been built up, so the focus switches to increasing your Progression Levels so you can get the most out of the fitness you have.

Hope this info helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.