FTP Progression, would it ever make sense to delay it?

Was using the ramp tests in the spring and summer since starting Trainer Road but for the last 6 months or so have been using AI FTP.
On Sept 27 AI FTP moved me up to FTP of 217, 6 weeks from there I was in CX season so low TSS 45 min races combined with a Low Volume plan led to a low TSS and AI FTP suggested a drop to 214 FTP, I rejected that as I did not have any issues with workouts, 6 weeks later, with the end of Trad Base LV Block I it suggested I was back up to 217 which I accepted. I will do AI FTP again next week at the beginning of Trad Base Block III. I expect I will get a FTP increase (the first since September).
If I am offered another FTP boost after completing Trad Base Block III, however, I am wondering if I should accept it or instead stick with my same FTP and progress further through the PLs and into harder workouts at the same FTP…
Or should I just increase my FTP as fast as they are offered and continue doing level 3-5 workouts at increasingly higher FTPs?

3 watts, less than 2% difference is a meaningless adjustment. I don’t know why the system would suggest such a thing other than to “gamify” the process.

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It probably is but its the gamification I prefer over the ‘I’m riding on a volcano!!!’ gamification lol, however, I think what you are getting at is the gamification likely does not have a meaningful impact on training outcomes.

There was a study referenced in a podcast that I listened to about the body/mind ability to notice changes in effort. From what I recall, most athletes cannot perceive a 2% change, but when the change is 3% or greater it is much more likely to be noticeable. I tend to agree with this based on personal experience.

Im training for TTs because of that my thoughts and now action were to defer my FTP increase. Whilst I could hit the higher wattages that were probably boosting my AI FTP, I would do so by coming out of the TT position or sometimes hovering above the virtual nose if I stayed on the ski poles (I would not want to do either in an actual TT). My thoughts rightly or wrongly was to get more consistency with a stable FTP before raising it. It kinda makes sense to me :joy:


Hey @Dexvd! Good question regarding your FTP vs. your Progression Levels.

Ultimately, it will depend on what plan and phase of training you’re in. Since you’re in Base right now, we’d recommend going with an increase in FTP as opposed to boosting your Progression Levels. As you work your way through your Progression Levels, it becomes more and more likely that you’ve increased your FTP.

If your FTP increases but you don’t change what your FTP is entered as in TR, it could cause your zones to be off, which would result in less-than-ideal training. As an extreme example, if you experienced a big boost in FTP, a Threshold workout might end up actually being closer to a Tempo workout if your training zones aren’t properly established.

Additionally, if your change in FTP is not as large, the changes made to your Progression Levels won’t be as large either. This will allow you to continue training at the right Workout Levels for your fitness. As you continue to train after any changes in FTP, rest assured that Adaptive Training will dial in your workouts to keep you on the right path.

This advice might change if you were in a different training phase, though. If, for example, you were in a Specialty phase near a peak goal, it would probably be more beneficial to to focus on increasing your Progression Levels so you can really sharpen the sword of your fitness.

We’re working on improving Adaptive Training and AI FTP Detection so that all of this will be taken care of automatically in the future. :wink:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks this makes sense.

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