update survey response on altered workouts

For example I did McGregor -2 and it was a “moderate” Workout but I had a little bit more time and added another sweet spot interval thus making it a “hard” workout.

Should I rate the workout in the post survey response “moderate” ore “hard”?

Or another example, again McGregor -2 and raised the workout intensity from 100% to 105% after the first interval because I felt so good.

Again the initial workout I would rate “moderate” but with the higher intensity I would rate it as “hard”. How should I rate my workouts?

Ore put simply should I rate the base scheduled workout or the completed maybe altered workout?

These two articles are worth a look for starters:

Adaptive Training doesn’t currently take these extensions into consideration when evaluating your workout, so using the Extend Warmup/Cooldown feature will not increase the Workout Levels of a given workout. We plan to address this with future product updates.

If you want to add additional training time after your prescribed workout that Adaptive Training will fully recognize, we recommend selecting a separate workout and loading that.

Adaptive Training will recognize the increase or decrease in intensity and give you appropriate credit for those adjustments. That said, this will not change the Workout Level for a workout.

Increasing the intensity will likely result in a slightly higher level workout being recommended to you for your next workout in that zone.

Short summary, extending the cool down is NOT recognized since TR ignores that portion. So, anything that takes place in that time is not taken into account in any way.

  • Conclusion: using this extension and raising the intensity are not the best way to add work. But even if you do, you should rate the workout on what you did in the “main” workout excluding the warm up and cool down.

If you want to “add” work to your time, it’s best done with a separate workout added to your calendar or just picked and performed as desired.

If you want to increase the work load, limit your Workout Intensity adjustments to staying within the intended training zone. If you want something really different, use the Alternates option and replace the scheduled workout as you see fit.


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