Progression levels not respecting real effort

So, it’s clear that progression levels get upgraded to the workout’s level.

However, i did Garrowby - 1, which has 3x15 minutes SS intervals with mini-recoveries inside the intervals, without actually slowing down on those mini recoveries, just riding through. My SS raised to 4.2, which is that workout’s level. I supposed it should have been raised even more, because of me not doing the recoveries. No? It was a harder ride.

Have a powerfull new year guys!

what rating did you give the workout after you completed it?

in my experience AT doesn’t give you extra credit for workout if you exceeded, or deviated from the prescribed workout. Its sees the workout as pass/fail.

If you marked this one as easy or moderate you should see some changes to future workouts.


That’s what I thought but after doing a few VO2max sessions with resistance mode rather than ERG I got instant adaptations. IIRC Chad or a TR support member confirmed that it does look at how you perform in an interval against the target. I think though most recoveries, like in the OPs session aren’t targeted so there’s no baseline to adapt against.


I think this is the key. As an example, if TR had this ride as “Achievable” and you responded to the survey with “Hard”, you’re going to get a very different adaptation than if TR marked it “Stretch” and you responded “Easy”.

Here is one related article, but not sure it really addresses this case.

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Well, it was hard because i skipped the pauses :slight_smile:

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Maybe indirectly it does. I mean, if you train harder, you’ll be better prepared for future sessions. Assuming you don’t overtrain, etc. I skipped the mini-pauses, because i was confident i could.

Yes, makes sense, but again, it was hard because i skipped the pauses and that was unaccountable by TR. So, my legs got the extra trainning, but TR got “blind”.

And until something changes, it is best to pull a different workout using the Alternate function and perform it to the letter.

Manually altering workouts in the moment currently has limits. We need to keep that in mind until they make it work to recognize out tweaks better.

Thanks for the link, i always thought the 100% button was for the size of text :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip. Actually i almost always choose an alternate, instead of riding differently than prescribed. This one did different tough.

Right, I understand, and hopefully some day it recognizes that, but if you want AT to up your levels quickly, the workaround is to not mark it Hard. Once you think about it that way, the problem goes away in the future.

I’ll give you another example. I know I can do Endurance 6.0 workouts, but AT wants to give me 4.0, then 4.3, then 4.5, then 4.7…etc until I get to 6.0 because I keep marking them “hard”…or, I just pick a 6.0 and mark it “easy”, and then it will leap way up for the next ride.

I know we all want a “real” fix, but the workaround works if you don’t want to wait.


Pretty sure they have mentioned this on the podcast.

Right now the level algorithm is different for workouts vs unstructured rides, but that is silly and they are working on one algorithm that will work for both.

When they do then you should get your “extra credit” for making the workout harder.

That doesn’t sound quite right. Surely it shouldn’t make any difference whether you do the session in erg or resistance mode. Provided you are working at the wattage required, and you’re consistent with your RPE answers.
I’m consistently slightly underestimating the RPE, eg. Kabati I answered “moderate” when maybe I should have answered “hard”, seeing as it was over 2 hours long, and a mental challenge .
I’ve only ever answered "very Hard " once, Spencer-5 which I had to reduce the intensity, back pedal etc, just to complete it.
I must admit ,I don’t feel comfortable with RPE. It seems a bit vague to me.

Correct, the trainer mode itself is not a factor. The only one that matters is how closely you followed the power targets.

As to survey responses, my guide can help some users make a better selection. I made it based upon info shared by Ivy.


The way i understand, it does not matter that much how you mark it. As long you finish it, progression levels will increase to that workout’s level. And AT will suggest you workouts with that new level.

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If AT is not recognising your not doing the recoveries, could you choose another workout similar like Eichorn which has no rest in each 20 minute interval?

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Yes, of course i can. That’s what i will be doing in the future.

In resistance mode you can exceed the target but in ERG mode you can’t significantly and just spin out (well you do on my trainer). When I went significantly over target before the survey was even completed the system gave me adaptations. I forget who confirmed it, it might have TR support, but they confirmed that the performance against the target also identified adaptations and not just the survey.

I’m almost positive this is incorrect. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though.

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