Upcoming Long Days In Saddle

I have signed up for a back to back 100 Mile Ride weekend event. I have completed several centuries before. I am also starting my first week of Sweet Spot Low Volume.

The event is May 18-19, 2019 with approximately 100 miles a day and under 2500’ of elevation each direction.

I do run\jog, play basketball, and plan on doing some 2-4 hour weekend rides as weather warms up. Simply put, is this going to be enough as long as I don’t go crazy with bad diet?

What is your cycling background? What are your goals for this event – do you want to finish? Be first? Have you ever done a century?

Can you do this? Sure.

  • Have ridden over 1500 Miles for last couple years.
  • Have done multiple centuries and countless rides over 50.
  • Finish without being destroyed physically, hopefully average over 17mph both ways.

That’s about it, it is fully supported ride.

This is stuff your body has already done and that you know how to do, just sustained a second time with less rest than you are used to. Keep the pace sustainable, don’t do any 10 mile hero pulls and fuel and hydrate properly.

On day 2, the first hour can be tough as your legs warm and tired muscles announce their displeasure at going back to work. That’s probably the worst you are going to feel all weekend. The body adapts and the fatigue will burn off. I think you will be amazed at how much you can do.

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My wife and I did the Seattle to Portland ride (200 miles in 2 days) in 2012, and we used their training guide. It works well and one thing in particular that I feel is important, is the double rides on the Sat/Sun to prepare for back to back rides. You may be surprised at how painful (saddle as much as the pedaling) that second day will be, so be prepared by making your body ready to handle those together.

Scroll down in this link to find the training schedule.


As much as bike fit and a good set of bibs are 99% of it, I would have some chamois cream nearby for that second day. Don’t use it unless you need it (again, bike fit, etc), but if you’ve been doing the “make up for lower volume by doing a bit of intensity” thing (like most of us), your contact points don’t know that. And don’t care.

I’ve done double centuries twice and both times the limiter was comfort in the saddle on the second day, not fitness.

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@jbspillman 'Sup!
My plan is to just sit behind you and let you pull both days. :slight_smile:

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