Understanding Peter Sagan's Role (Tour Spoilers)

Couldn’t agree more! I’m settling for watching stage racing this year. I love the one day classics. And old ones are great to watch on the trainer. You truly appreciate a whole other set of riders…not the least of which is Peter Sagan.

@IamDeablo If you’re up for it and have time after the Tour is done, track down 2018 Paris-Roubaix. Watch Sagan grab a hex wrench, fiddle with his bar stem w/ 30k to go. That part was on TV. What some don’t know (it’s now in his book) is that prior to that he tried to straighten his bars out by banging against the back wheel of another rider (there were three in the breakaway). He was such a pimp that day.

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  1. Sagan is the only cyclist in history to have won 3 consecutive world championships in the road race. Winning the road race worlds means wearing the iconic rainbow stripe jersey for the next year, and comes with an incredible amount of attention. He sort of exponentially grew his fame by winning again and again in the rainbow jersey. That in addition to his huge list of accomplishments, including 7 green jerseys by riding on his all-around capabilities.

  2. You may notice there are 22 teams, but only a handful of GC contenders. Some teams are built to compete for the yellow jersey, some for green, some for stage wins via sprint, some for stage wins via breakaways, etc. Bora Hansgrohe built their team around Sagan and his bid for an 8th green jersey.

  3. Points are awarded for placing in intermediate sprints during the course of each stage and for top finishers at the end of the stage.

I hope some of that helps!


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Or the other time he was in a 3-up breakaway and bunny hopped a concrete median to take the short way through a round-about and (almost) lose the other two.

Strong. Smart. Fun.

@Captain_Doughnutman Dude, it just goes on and on, doesn’t it?!

Here in the States there is an old Saturday Night Live skit called “Bill Brasky”. Telling Sagan stories is like that skit.

  • If Peter Sagan is going for the green jersey but the yellow jersey is the real the “bragging rights prize” for the tour, why is he the top paid cyclist in the world (and arguably the best in the world)? Wouldn’t that be previous years yellow jersey (vs. Sagan’s history of winning the green)?

Being the top paid athlete is different than winning the most recent race. Bernal has really had one good year of cycling. Sagan has a career of success.

Patrick Mahomes won the NFL MVP, the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl MVP before he became the highest paid player in the NFL. If Bernal repeats the accomplishments of 2019 for several years then he will be paid but even then, his personality doesn’t scream global superstar and will likely never reach Sagan’s status in earnings and will almost certainly not in endorsements.

Nairo Quintana only lacks the Tour de France from his impressive resume of Grand Tours and barely cracks the top 10 in earnings. Quintana is not much of a brand ambassador and doesn’t influence people to buy the bike he’s riding like Sagan can.

  • I heard the announcers referring to him as the team leader, but again wouldn’t the leader be going for the yellow jersey? Yet today, Lennard Kaemna (his team) took the stage win today and its clear Sagan isn’t even attempting that.

You are only focused on one race but there are many races within the race. Winning a stage is great for sponsors which is why Caleb Ewan is very well paid even though you can argue he doesn’t even belong in the race as a grand tour rider. He’s almost 5 hours behind the leaders and ranks 152nd out of 154 riders in the GC. But he’s won 2 stages and almost won a 3rd. So we will continue to hear his name which is good for sponsors and winning stages matters. It’s not just about yellow or Ewan wouldn’t even be there.

  • I understand that each stage awards points for the green jersey ranging from 20 to 50 pts depending on the type of stage (flats, mountains, etc.), but is it for a sub segment of the stage or the full stage? The announcers don’t really explain that. I don’t regularly see Sagan sprinting at the finish at the end of stages that are worth 50 pts.

He’s hours from the front of the race in the GC so you have to be there to contest the finish.

  • Sagan is about 45 pts back from Bennett so far. It seems that Sagan has work cut out for him. What are his chances (ignoring a crash from Bennett, etc.)?

Without the penalty he wins but he got the penalty so that doesn’t matter. I don’t see how he can pull it off as he’s not in the same form as in prior years.


Yeah saw that it was beautiful.

Which is what make stage racing so cool.

Quintana is not much of a brand ambassador and doesn’t influence people to buy the bike he’s riding like Sagan can.

This is a big one. I’ve seen several people out there riding Sagan edition Specialized bikes. I can’t think of anything like it going back to the Lance era.

However, unlike the high doping era, I doubt people will disown their Sagan paraphernalia. However, I also doubt the Bora-Hansgrohe jersey will ever become a classic like a Molteni kit.

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In 2016 he bunny hopped Cancellers as he went down on the cobbles of Paris Roubaix

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Important to mention also the brand equity.
In reference to the latest podcast, being marketable has a lot of importance for your sponsors.
So Sagan won. A lot. And he’s super marketable.
Those 2 factors combined make him earn what he earns.

I’m surprised when top riders stay in their language bubble (like Quintana for example). After all these years he still doesn’t speak English and only a few words of French.

If top riders like him would embrace English, they would increase their marketability to the rest of the world. It could be worth millions over a career.

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if you want to know why Peter Sagan gets so much attention it comes down to one thing; Marketability

Look at the exposure he gives his sponsors, his social media presence, the fondo/rides he organizes, and the books he has released. The guy knows how to play the game, and that game is business.

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If you look at a profile of a TDF stage you will usually see a little green ‘S’ callout somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of the stage. That’s the intermediate sprint. You can get green jersey points for winning it even if you don’t win the stage. They are usually worth less points than the finish sprint however.

You can see it here at 93.5 km into the stage.