Sagan is racing Unbound

100 mile version. Not the 200.

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The reek of desperation to be relevant is getting a bit strong……

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3 rainbows, 7 green jerseys, over 100 professional wins … I think he’s going to be relevant for as long as people talk about bike racing.


There should be a PRO, amateur categories.


WHAT!?!? :rofl: :roll_eyes:

It’s all good…but doesn’t he know the hundo is for riders too old to do the full? Maybe this is his tacit admission that he’s over the hill. But, but I guess if you have some rainbow bands it’s easy just to not give a fuh what people think. Good for him.

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Jesus are the vultures out. Wow.

I think this is Specialized writing a check for him to ride. I think he can handle the distance :roll_eyes: He probably hadn’t heard of Emporia, Kansas until 2 weeks ago.


Sagan is winning Unbound.

FTFY. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Come on, guys. Sagan has always been about having fun.


Your chart kinda proved my point……he has struggled to finish almost every race this year and has been on a downward trend for the last few years.

No doubt Specialized is the driving force behind this trip….it will get them huge PR.

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I’m excited! Updated Unbound weekend goals:

  1. Finish the 100.
  2. Not die.
  3. Get a selfie with Sagan

They are probably scratching after Strickland etc.

Shame they can’t just throw a bit more oomph behind Sofia, though I imagine they are supporting her Off Road team reasonably.

I say all that whilst also thinking it’s pretty cool to get Sagan there. Good for Gravel and it’s continued expansion. There’s still many, many cyclists who wouldn’t know what Unbound is or where Kansas is but this and following the efforts of the 200 etc will put it on their radar and perhaps burn it into their memory/motivation banks for the future.

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I think this is awesome

I think he realizes his career is winding down, why not enjoy some of the other stuff, he has earned it with his palmares

In the past this is when those must not be named would dip into the serums to keep them competitive


I said it here first: Sagans next stop, Cape Epic.


Oh. Didn’t realize you had a point.


Do you think he’s actually going to race or just going to ride and not compete for the W?

Totally agree but I guess it’s hard to define who falls into the “Pro” category as many are ex-Pros.

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That would make the “spirit of gravel” mad

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I hope he has fun.

I think it is lame that average members of the public feel like they have a duty to criticize when somebody who has done extraordinary things slips past their peak. The view must be pretty good from the cheap seats.


Very much agreed. Never really understood the desire to take a swing at someone on their way down. I more-or-less have the feeling of gratitude for having been able to see it.

What’s that Dr. Seuss quote? Something like, “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be glad that it happened.”


Judgy, but this is the Internet. Could you post your relevant jersey wins in a grand tour so we can judge you as well?


I think it’s awesome a grand tour rider coming to an event like unbound. If you don’t like it who cares, I would look forward to getting a picture with him. I hope he wins the 100. Then comes back next year for the 200.