TR App stopped . Cant get it working

Can anyone on here help?
I unplugged my computer by mistake and when i started it again, the TR app wouldnt work.
I uninstalled it, but now i don’t know how to get it back. In fact i don’t know how i got it on there in the first place. Where can i find it ,and how to get it back?
I’m useless with computers, so please make it simple. Thanks!

If you uninstalled it from your computer you can download a new one from here:

Just choose the one that matches your operating system.

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If this doesn’t work, contact for help.

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Unfortunately I still cant get it to work.The app downloads ok, but wont open as it should when i click on it, nothing happens. In the troubleshooter says incompatible.I have windows 10 .
It worked fine before , so leaves me frustrated.
I’m going to give up trying as no use wasting any more time.
I can use the app on my phone, but do like the bigger screen on the desktop.

Just contact their customer service and your problem will be solved in no time. Those guys and gals know their stuff.

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Thanks, hopefully they’ll come up with some ideas.

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They tried to fix it , but couldn’t.
It was a Bluetooth problem on my windows 10 laptop. Not a TR problem.
After a 3 day struggle, I managed to get Windows help to call me ,and they were able to work on my computer and fix the problem.
The windows help is great, and I should have thought of that first, once I realised it was not a TR problem.
Just some info incase anyone on here suffers this. I’m telling you. it is far worse than over/unders, the spiral of death, or having to bottle a workout. Plus i only had 5 hours of sleep, woke up with a sore head, and when eventually everything was sorted, struggled with the first interval of Eclipse!