Unable to calibrate smart trainer

Hi all,

I’m new to trainerroad and today I did a ramp test and the Ericsson workout. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to get trainerroad to read my cadence correctly. I am using an Elite Rampa smart trainer as the power estimator, which normally works fine when estimating cadence as well (i’ve used Zwift just fine over the past few months).

Firstly, during the ramp test I quickly noticed that ERG mode didn’t work and that I needed to change resistance myself which was fine but my cadence jumped up and down very erratically (e.g. from 90 to 225 to 135 to 84 in the matter of 10 seconds). I didn’t bother correcting it during the ramp test but I do think it affected my performance. I restarted and reconnected everything and then started the Ericsson workout after the ramp test and had the same problem.

Secondly, I am finding that i’m biking in a much heavier gear to get the same power than I would in Zwift to get the right power. e.g. For the ramp test I was in my heaviest gear I could get into at the end, which can’t be right, i’m a beginner cyclist and 120 pounds and was pushing something just under 200 watts on a road bike. This is nothing compared to all other cyclists.

Trainerroad says calibration is not supported with my smart trainer. What do I do? How do I ‘calibrate’?

I’m sure this has already been answered, and i’m sorry, I did do some research, promise!