Help! I'm I seem to have a problem with Cadence & Power

Hi folks,

I know someone will have an answer here…

I’m using trainerroad on an android app linking it with a Tacx Flux. I am on ERG mode.

My FTP is currently about 220, I have been as high as 280.

Yesterday, when warming up, I should have been at 50% FTP (113w) but even with a slow cadence (73) i was about 146watts. I’m sure I used to be able to go on at 85-90 RPM and the unit would adjust the resistance accordingly.

Later on in the workout I was supposed to hit 198w with a very high cadence, but increasing my cadence increased my measured power, so I was above FTP when trying to be <95. So something isn’t working as it should!

Is this a problem with the app, or with the tacx?

I have no idea how taxc measures cadence, but it seems to have worked ok in previous seasons.

I have read about others getting separate cadence sensors, would this help?
Also, I’ve never updated the software on taxc (because I’m scared it will make it worse) could this be the issue?

Thanks in advance for words of wisdom…


Couple possibilities:

  1. Your calibration is off. Recalibrate, see if it starts working again.
  2. You’ve chosen a gear that’s too high. If you’re in e.g. 53/11, your trainer might struggle hit 113 watts with a reasonable cadence. Look up “resistance floor”.
  3. Based on your description, this is my guess: ERG mode isn’t kicking in, and your rides are turning into resistance-mode rides. Contact and give them details about your setup (Android version, ANT+ or Bluetooth, exact trainer model, anything that changed recently, etc.).

If I’m understanding your description, no. Your trainer isn’t using its cadence reading to figure out power.

Maybe?! Can’t hurt at this point, right? :sweat_smile:


Thanks @ellotheth this is really helpful.
I’m not in too high a gear, I must be on 36 x 15ish. I didn’t have any of these problem before. I have recalibrated recently, but I haven’t been doing this before every ride. I’ll try updating software and then contact trainerroad if no luck! Thank you!

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