Unable to adjust Kickr Snap rear mount

I can’t seem to tighten or loosen my Kickr Snap’s rear mount adjustment. Any tips? I don’t even know what tool I should use to try to twist it, and I don’t want to damage anything. Is the larger circle supposed to turn or just the smaller, ribbed one?

The large ‘washer’ is a locknut. That secures the axle in place. Try and loosen that off then turn the small ribbed bolt. That should then be able to move, therefore enabling you to extend/retract the axle.

Ah, ok, thanks. I’ve tried to turn it just using my hands, and it won’t budge. I’ll have to get a wrench or something.

The locknut…? Is the unit new or new to you…? I ask as those locknuts can work loose when riding so people can really crank them down to stop that.

Yeah, I’ve tried turning the lock nut. It’s new to me. I’m going to try turning it with channel locks. Do you know which direction I need to turn it to loosen it?

It’s been a while since I had my snap (great machine) so I could be wrong here but I think it’s standard clockwise thread to tighten. Check the thread lines on the axle next to the locknut to be sure.

Channel locks worked great. Was able to unscrew the nut lock. Was normal counterclockwise to loosen when looking at the nut from the center of the Kickr. Thanks!

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