Help I Broke My Kickr

Hi everyone I need some assistance with my Kicker v4
It started out with some vibration and sound coming from the flywheel. I thought I got this I can go ahead and check what’s going on.
Dismantled the belt cover, removed the belt and the flywheel axel from the belt side. CHecked bearings etc. All looked fine and normal.
So reassemble is not going so well, I cannot get the nut which holds the flywheel axel to go back onto the axel. It appears to be 1mm too small. I’ve missed something here somehow. I cannot find any images or information on disassembly is kickers to help me through this. Feel like a right Knob now after not being able to finish this and have to post here.
Looking for advice or suggestions, please? I’ve sent Wahoo an email for assistance but don’t want to wait if I don’t have to.

Ok so an edit, its the keyway that won’t go back on to the axel. Yes It’s all lined up etc etc.
watching the video in DC rainmaker with Wahoo techs this looks to slide in very easily. Mine will not.

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Maybe those will help.

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thanks Mate

You’re welcome.