Wahoo Kickr Snap - humming, knocking noise

Hi all,

I’ve been using the 2017 Gen 2 Kickr Snap for a few months now, and suddenly it developed a weird humming sound. Can be described as knocking at low velocities.

I tightened all visible bolts on the machine, did a few Wahoo app spindowns, to no avail.

Contacted Wahoo support via email but they’ve been non-responsive for 4 days and counting. Anyone have any similar experience? How did you solve it?

My Snap developed a hum. Wahoo had me tighten the set screws on the roller and torque the flywheel bolt but it still hummed. They ended up replacing it. My new one is about 3 months old now and has developed a slight vibration but it has stayed the same for a few weeks now.

Thanks, could you elaborate a bit more on the ‘flywheel bolt’?

Is that bolt hidden behind a plastic cover?



Did you already try tightening that one?

I did not, thanks for the tip. Did Wahoo specify any particular torque?

Here is what they sent me.

  • The first bolt holds the flywheel in place and is easiest to tighten, requiring only a pick to pry off the cap, a 19mm socket wrench, and a rubber mallet or hammer.
  1. Remove the plastic cap by inserting and prying with a pick (this cap is cosmetic and can be safely removed permanently or replaced with black tape or a sticker).

  2. Use the 19mm socket to tighten the flywheel nut by turning clockwise.

  3. Hold flywheel to prevent it from spinning and tighten the bolt. Once fully tightened by hand, use a mallet or hammer on the socket wrench handle to quickly tighten the bolt by impact. One hand can be used to hold the wrench against the bolt and stabilize the flywheel at the same time, as shown below. Gently repeat if still loose, avoiding over-tightening (5nm is ideal).


And this for the roller bolts:

  • At this point, it’s a good idea to test if the problem has been corrected. If the issue persists, continue by tightening the two 3mm roller bolts as follows:

Tools needed:

  • Heat Gun or Blow Dryer

  • 3mm Allen wrench in like-new condition

  • Grease

  1. Heat the roller bolt by aiming the heat gun or blow dryer directly at one specific bolt hole in the roller for roughly 2 minutes (5 minutes or longer if using blow dryer, dependent upon wattage).

  2. Remove the bolt using a 3mm Allen wrench. If removal proves difficult, stop and apply more heat. Adding more heat is always preferable to stripping the bolts.

  3. Clean any remaining thread lock residue off the bolt with a dry rag or paper towel.

  4. Lightly grease the bolt , being careful to avoid greasing the tip of the bolt that contacts the axle.

  5. Re-install the greased bolt , tightening to 6nm (ideal).

  6. Repeat this process with the other bolt. If clicking noise persists, increase torque to the bolts. If the issue still remains, please reach back out to us for warranty or replacement.

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Perfect, thanks.

Will try that.

I’m starting to have issues similar to what was described in this thread and wanted to know if the instructions provided helped those who followed them.


@Pete85 @craigmanning

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Hi Tony,

I followed the instructions and no, they did not solve the issue.

Wahoo has since replaced the unit. Of course the new unit also has issues: the electric circuit randomly cuts out mid-ride. I have to get off the bike in the middle of a hard interval, wiggle the cable, then resume the workout.

Needless to say I’m never getting any Wahoo product again.

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I sold mine, was tired of having problems. I am back on my trusty Kurt Kinetic which works every time I get on it.

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Thanks guys for the feedback. Sorry to hear about your problems. I have a first gen snap and have been lucky with no real issues until now. I’ll try the suggestions and see if it helps.

So my Wahoo Kickr Snap (2017) started making that rattling noise but the difference for me now compared to 2017 when I had my purchase replaced on warranty is that … it’s no longer on warranty. :cry:

Wahoo Support has told me to follow the procedure outlined above to tighten the bolts but I’m mechanically inept and it hasn’t helped.

The next step now is for me to buy a new rear assembly from Wahoo to replace the one that is making the rattling noise for $200 USD but that seems like a lot for a product that I’ve only used half of the year for a few years.

Has anyone ever bought a replacement rear assembly for the Kickr Snap from Wahoo? Did the installation go smoothly?

Does anyone know what the impact will be (medium/longer term) of continuing to use the trainer in while it’s in a state of making this rattling noise?

Is it producing additional wear that will reduce it’s lifespan?

Is it producing less accurate results?

Is this problem “just” the noise?

Had same noise crop up, I spine the wheel backwards and it stopped, dunno of the resistance got stuck or what but seems to have corrected for me. Other wise it was quite the annoying click/thump

Well it looks like I’m having that “knocking” problem as well with my 6 month old Gen 2…It’s under warranty so I’ll contact them. Don’t want to be out of a trainer for weeks though so I was wondering how they handled this, do they send a replacement unit and then you send yours back with prepaid shipping ? Thanks !

I had to send a snap back a couple of times…I remember having to send it back first and wait for the new one to arrive…then the new one lasted like two weeks and had to do it again…Ended up selling the second unit as new without even opening the box.

Thanks…that doesn’t sound very promising…was it the V1 ? I seem to remember they were plagued with problems.

I uploaded a video here : https://gofile.io/d/nB9PVA where the noise can be heard and shows what looks like an internal alignment problem, see the end of the video. The wheel itself turns normally on the “outside”. Is that the problem you were having ? Maybe that “alignment” issue is normal ?

I don’t have a 19mm socket so can’t try to loosen the flywheel and center it, if that’s the problem.