Question about Kickr Snap Installation

It takes ages to get back from Wahoo support team so I thought I might could ask my question here.

I am concerned that my left skewer knob does not go all the way into the snap, even though the design looks like I should be able to. the skewer knob is just a bit too wide for the when it is half way into the snap.


I checked the installation videos on youtube, I think their skewers are definitely fitting better into the snap. I am quite concerned about this.

Can anyone let me know if this is product issue or is this something I can just ignore? Thank you!

Are you using the skewer that came with the Snap? Mine doesn’t fit like a glove but I haven’t had any issues over about 2500km.

Yes i am using the skewer came with the snap. That is actually making me paranoid of that weird fitting

Yeah that’s the one I use as well. It certainly doesn’t fit as deep in the socket as you would expect but as long as you have the tire centered on the roller and correct pressure on the clamp, you’ll be just fine. I can try to snap a pic of mine when I get home.

wait, tire has to be on the center on the roller? mine is slightly to the latch side and I had to skrew in the left snap.


DId i extended it too much?
I really appreciate that you are helping me out!

No your fine as long as the tire isn’t near the edge of the roller. You want the weight (you on the bike) to be fairly centered on the roller. You should extend that left screw as needed to center up the tire on the roller. You can’t over extend the screw. If you’re at the limit but reasonable centered on the roller you should be good to go.


Sorry I got one more question after first time riding it.
It gives me the noise and vibration very similar to washing machine. Is this expected?

No it should be pretty smooth and fairly quiet. Drive train and flywheel should be the most noise you hear. Is it brand new? Are you tightening the rollers 2-2 1/4 turns after making contact with the tire?

The vibration and noise is from your tire. I recommend a trainer tire or a almost bare tire. I used a kenda Critérium tire. It’s not silent, but no complaints from the neighbors.