Front wheel removal - probably being dumb

Every possibility that i’m being an idiot but…has anyone had a wheel with a similar thru axle and not been able to get the wheel off. The axle seems to have an exapanding nut on the non-lever side that loosens to allow the wheel to be removed. Only issue is that it doesn’t come all the out of the fork and then i cant get the wheel off.

Any advice appreciated

what brand and model wheels?
Maybe you can find a manual online?
On foto 3 i can see a circlip, which might need to be removed to get the nut off?

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This might help: How To Open This Weird Through Axle... SR Suntour Q-Loc Release Installation And Removal Guide. - YouTube

You might need to support the wheel from below as you pull the thru axle so it has smooth straight path out through the dropout. Without supporting the wheel it may drop slightly on the side of the dropout the axle has already come out of.


Yeah, you need to loosen it enough to push the expanding bit into the nut, then push it through the wheel.

I have one, and it’s the weirdest design I’ve seen, not convenient at all.



Thats the one, thanks, will try again tonight

Do you ever find it gets stuck again coming through the second fork? Thats what seems to be happening to me

Take note that your lever is installed on the disc brake side of the fork.

The note the lever is on the non-disc side on the examples I have seen, directly from SR Suntour.

IIRC, there is a slight difference in the diameter of the clearance holes on the forks different sides, so it may well be that you have it installed backwards.


For anyone who stumbles across this in the future the end with the expanding bolt needs to be pressed in and then twisted which locks it into the closed position and the axle can be removed as normal.

Thanks for your help everyone

Was gonna say, think you can lock the expanding bit in, but you figured it out.

That was the key, it must have re-expanded and was then catching again on the left fork before passing through. Strange design

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