UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!

Move it further away if 1 is still too much. That’s what I do depending on ambient room temperature. May require adjusting the tilt angle.

It takes a bit of experimentation to get the right cooling. Jersey thickness plays a part - needs to be warm enough on cold days before warmed up. In the winter I use a medium weight and in summer an Aero Race (wafer thin). Full zip allows further cooling possibilities.

In the UK summer months I have 3 Vacmasters going full blast on hard sessions :grinning:

Distance is a quick and possibly easy option if there is enough room. Another hack I’d consider for extra cold environments is a bit of packing/duct tape over part of the outlet, to restrict the flow a bit. That or even make a small diverter from cardboard to push some air in a different direction. Those temps mentioned are rather cool, so it makes sense that the fan is a bit much in that situation.

On cold evenings I have a small blow heater that I aim at the air coming from the vacmaster to warm the air a little. Especially on Z2/easy workouts. Also use it on SS/threshold workouts when warming up then turn off the heater once over the first interval set. Sometimes I don’t aim the blow heater directly into the airstream but just around the front wheel to warm the general air a bit. Again its only for first 10 mins or so and then it goes off once the body is up to working temps

Most of the year I leave it at level 1. Only rarely during the summer would I need it at level 3

I’m also Ireland based

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My fan blows from the side and I just use a movable chair with turntable backrest between me and fan. I just move the chair and backrest to adjust the air blowing at me as needed. Works like a charm.

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I decided to return the Vacmaster as the shed is pretty small and cramped with other stuff so not much scope to move it distance wise.

Currently using a small table fan (honeywell HT900) which ok but would like something more powerful. I have the fan at arms reach on a shelf at chest height.

Any recommendations for something in-between the honeywell and vacmaster available in Europe?

I like a pedestal fan and when I trained in my parent’s garage that is all that I needed, the one I am using is a 16 inch Pedestal Fan | Free Next Day Delivery | ProBreeze

I like the look of their new one too 16” DC Air Circulator Fan | Free Next Day Delivery | ProBreeze

I train in a narrow hallway now which can get a bit stuff so I usually a 19inch gym fan on the back, two 8 inch floor mounted wall fans on my sides and the above pedestal fan in my face. During my chemo back in 2019 I sought out something with an remote control to ease me in and reviews led me to this one and I’ve not been disappointed.

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Thanks, will have a look at those.

May be a bit late as you’ve already returned it, but… I’m also training with the Vacmaster fan in cold garage (1C at the weekend) - pretty much set up as you defined in terms of placement. There’s definitely a balance in using it right now - I’m wearing a long sleeve top, 3/4 shorts and a windproof jacket on the top (I run cold all the time) and using the fan on 1 during intervals (if its sweet spot), then turn it off in the rest intervals. Not ideal perhaps but it works.

However, last summer when it was 30C setting 3 was used a lot! The remote switch is a great thing.

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Yes I’ve returned it as just too powerful. The small honeywell is just about ok on max setting for current temps of 4 -8 degress and unlikely to ever be on a turbo in temps above 14-15.

Want to avoid users heaters or excess clothing as I just want a single fan that is fit for purpose. Pro breeze does look good.

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a single fan that will suit all seasons and occasions. That’s been my experience anyway. The closest I got after much experimentation was a Vacmaster that could be remotely controlled.

Since then, for the hotter months I’ve bought a further 2 that get used for threshold and VO2 max sessions. That means I have 9 levels of cooling controllable from the bike. Last summer all 3 were regularly on full blast.

In the coldest situations (i.e. UK winter in an outside shed). you could also keep a mid-layer (or even a regular fleece) on until warmed up.