UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!

Hi Rob1 and All,

Just to let you know in this thread that our black friday sales have just started today and are live for the next 2 weeks. The Cardio54 is down to £79.99 and you can still use the “BF10” discount code.
The standard airmover is also reduced to £59.99.

Cleva UK Team


If I didn’t have 4 already I’d be tempted to get another at these prices :grin:


Thanks @Cleva_Doug , happy to support this as it looks like a great product with fab reviews, I need a better fan than the pedestal one I’ve got at the Cardio 54 looks ideal. Order placed.

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Just won the cardio54 on an Instagram competion, gave cleva my details at about 12.30, and it’s due for delivery tomorrow, top marks. Will go nicely with my standard vacmaster :+1:



All due to demand we have put together a Cardio54 twinpack option for users.
Please check out our website for details.

Kind Regards
Cleva UK Team


Product Update for US users - We now have the Cardio54 fan with remote control on Vacmaster AM201R Aero is our 120V Version.


Could be just me, but that link does not get me to your fan.

A separate search of Amazon US also fails to get the right result for me.

Sorry - I didnt mean to post a link in the previous post.

Here is the actual link if it is not easy to find yet.


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same fan in here Tested: What is the best fan for indoor training? - CyclingTips


Hi All,

Just an update to let you know we have a sale on unti the end of April, while stock lasts, this includes our Vacmaster Cardio54 twinpack exclusive on the UK website. Vacmaster Cardio54® Fitness Fan for Turbo Trainer - Two Pack - Only £179.98 – by Cleva

Happy Holidays
Cleva UK Team.


Bumping for visibility. They are having a sale for fans. I think UK based people need to remember that you can buy a fan from here given the current heatwave!

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Hi Doug - Still being advertised as £180 online. Did I miss the sale?

Hi, Yes it was just a 2 day sale to match Prime Day sales. Let me see if we can extend it just for TR…

Trainer Road Exclusive: Use Code TURBO25 for £25 off a Vacmaster Cardio54® Cycling Fan (RRP: £99.99). Offer applied in basket. Valid at until 31st July 2022.


Got mine the other day. Two in fact. Super impressed!

Any chance at suggesting a swiveling model?

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Arggggh, any chance of a 2 week extension?!

Hi Mulvers - Sorry we have had to end the sale period, there are discounts for buying direct from our website or buying the sets of 2. There is also the everyday TR 10% off code “trainerroad10” that is in this thread. We will have further sales events closer to the end of the year.


Thanks Doug, will have a little more patience!

Got mine a few weeks ago cant believe the difference its made, well worth the money.