UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!

Anyone used this fan from Amazon?

I can get 3 of these for £10 more than the Cleva (even with TR discount)

I’ve used Honeywell fan which looks similar to that and I’d say 1 Cleva = 3 Honeywells.


Received my Vacmaster yesterday. It’s phenomenal.
Also, the discount code in the first post TRAINERROAD10 still works on Cleva’s site.
At just £63 this is a must buy.

Thank you SO much to Hugo1 and the OP for the code and the recommend!


I was going to buy one but decided to hold off as the season changed, my garage hovers around 4-6 degrees C November through to April and my 3 fans at the moment only push around really cold air which i can live with. I will 100% be buying one in the spring…

I have had to put my Lasko on setting 1 now. It was on 3 all summer.

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Recently bought a second Vacmaster. For anyone buying a single fan, discount code GS10 will get you £10 off rather than 10% with the TR code so works out a little cheaper.


Anyone used this fan?
Found it on Amazon, read the review, sounds nice, but I have my doubts

I just bought this off Amazon. I don’t think it’s as powerful as the Lasko I had in the US, but it’ll do the job.

I did the same over the summer. Although this morning was the first morning I had it on the lower setting, and actually considered turning down the original. Cool morning, not too windy so the shed door was open, but no need for both full blast. Jersey even stayed on!

Black Friday deal today means 15% off on the Vacmaster – dunno how long this thread has been running but that’s how long I waited before pulling the trigger and ordering one this morning.


I wonder if the TrainerRoad discount code will stack with that?


Seems like it does not stack :frowning:

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These new smart plugs from amazon might be a good combo with these fans for turning them on/off without getting off the bike!

I’ve just bought a 3rd! Left one pointing at face, right one pointing at torso and central one further back pointing at both. Individually smart-switch controlled.

I determine the intensity of the workout and set the 3 controls accordingly. They can then be turned on-off individually throughout the session.

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…or spend a couple more pounds and get 4 plugs, USB sockets and not locked into Alexa with something like this:

TBH we have/I’m happy with these, which are simple and not voice activated, but don’t leave a giant security concern on the wifi network either:


Another one ordered here with GS10 code.

Thanks guys.


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I finally treated myself to these remote switches and I love being able to control the fan (on/off) from my bike.

Previously I have warmed up and started the workout and then hopped off to switch the fan off ( one of those pauses that @Nate_Pearson keeps threatening to expose :slight_smile: but I promise it’s just to switch/adjust a fan) but this worked great.

Now I just need to make sure I don’t lose the remote…

I’ve been using mine for a couple of months now. Initially I was impressed with the power but couldn’t get the positioning quite right and got frustrated with it. I had it set up about 2 feet in front and to the side of the front wheel but found it too directional and could understand why people ended up getting 2 or 3. Moving into a different room I was forced into placing it much closer and ended up with it almost directly by my right foot facing upwards towards my torso. That’s been a game changer for me and find it gives much better coverage. Worth a try for anyone struggling with them :+1: