UK Remote Controller Fan

I’m looking to upgrade my paincave, and top of the list is a new fan.

I know the Lasko ones are recommended in the US, but they don’t appear to be sold in the UK.

Ideally I’m after something with a remote to control the speed.

Alternatively I’m looking at this with a remote switch for the socket:

Does anyone have any recommendations in the UK?

Im in the UK, and got my remote from screwfix plus 2 big fans

I’ve got the same fan, it’s a beast. Not sure I need a second one, maybe I am not working hard enough yet!! :grimacing:
Thanks for the link for the remotes, I rearranged my garage and hence require the remote control now too.

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I got the second fan so me and my wife could ride at same time however, 2 fans on the lower setting (one aiming a bit lower one at my head) seems far better than the 1 on full bore.

Yes I got to agree with you there. First setting is ok, 2 is a bit much in winter! Haven’t been brave enough to use setting 3 yet!

I have one of those fans. It lives on mode 3 as I always cook when doing the work part of the interval. I need a remote switch - I ended up putting a jacket on for the rest periods between intervals on Saturday!

I have the above which is in reach while on the trainer.

Furthest left plugs (top & bottom) are the TV and Kickr.

Then I have a 20" HV floor fan with a Honeywell HT900E on either side, so I just flick them on/off as needed. Very rarely will I change the setting (1,2,3) on any of the fans.

I tend to find they they are never enough (even all three) and often I need arm warmers and gloves

Glad I’m not the only one who trains in a bib rolled down, winter overshoes and thermal gloves!

These remote control plugs are pretty cheap on Amazon. I warm up without the fan on when the room is cold then can switch the fan on full for the first interval without pausing and getting off the bike

You can also get ones which use your phone as the remote. Saves having an extra thing.

It’s quite remarkable how well the body can heat an uninsulated garage in the depth of winter with a hard 90 minute session.

Stepping outside is incredibly refreshing, stepping back in more like walking in to a sauna.

I have found a mesh summer base layer to stop the chill caught on the chest & stomach from the fan without hindering cooling.

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I have this one to control all the things!

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This is a fantastic idea! I boil (even in winter) so need the fan year round, but always end up extremely cold straight after. Summer mesh layer may stop this/help with this chill!

DhB Mesh Base Layer also available in sleeveless & long sleeve.

It’s just enough to wick it away from the skin and stop that chill from a standing layer of moisture. You could drown in my belly button if you were unfortunate enough to fall in to it face first :rofl:

The DhB UV Arm & Knee screens are great too, I very rarely wear warmers, they’re thin enough not to retain much heat at all but shield from windchill.

I just use a wifi enabled socket and use my phone to turn on the fan. Downside is I don’t get speed control but it’s always on high anyway

You can get the below Lasko fan off amazon in the uk but it is a bit pricey. As mentioned above I would probably go with a remote that plugs into the socket and do it that way. The downside with that solution is that u won’t be able to adjust the fan speed on the fly.

Unless you are allergic to basic wiring get a Sonoff Basic from China. The customer support is terrible, but the price is tiny (much less than a smart plug). They connect to IFTTT so you can use Stringify/Apilio etc. to set a timer. Roughly £4.

eg. I have 2 Fans. 1 turns on after 7 minutes and the second 10. As soon as a workout is sync’d with Strava their connection to IFTTT triggers turning them off, so I don’t even need to turn off. I did have it voice activated using a google home mini, but once the fans are going the noise blocks it. I yell at it to say I’ve started a session and leave it now.

And you can also pay about £8.50 and get one with a humidity sensor. You can then have a dehumidifier automatically turn on when it goes up.

That’s also designed for a 120v plug so presume you would need some kind of adapter. Has anyone tried the wahoo fan? Is it similar to the lasko? Also seems very pricey however.

Another vote for -

Cheap and effective.

I’ve got those. They work fine.

What I was really after was a fan that you can control the speed remotely.

Not sure if such a thing exists in the UK?