UCI testing e-bikes for Pro Tour domestiques!

The UCI has pooped itself with this one…

Pending UCI Rule Changes:
This is very interesting. The normally adverse to change UCI wishes to grow revenue and the road cycling fan base. As such, they are looking at rule modifications to be used during the run-up to this July’s Tour de France. The Dauphine, June 4-11, and the Tour de Suisse, June 11-20, have been selected to debut these rule changes. Specifically, the UCI will allow designated domestics to ride e-bikes in competition in order to be of greater assistance to their team’s GC riders. These designated e-bike riders will not be eligible for stage wins, but the UCI feels this change will make more teams more competitive thus adding additional excitement and drawing bigger crowds. It’s being reported that if successful, e-bikes may appear in the 2024 Tour. :popcorn:

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After his Giro win, would Rog clarify as a domestique for the Tour :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Isn’t Pog already on an ebike?

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April fools

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I was fooled with this one. Well done. I plan to forward it to some of my friends.