Paris-Roubaix 2022

Weather looks to be warm & dry… :expressionless:

MVP is obviously the hot favorite, but I think it is reasonable to question how his back will hold up. I think there is also an element of regression possible. I know that I have found that once I get back on the bike after a long period off, I can hit a pseudo-peak rather quickly but then plateau or even go backwards a bit as the body adjusts and compensates. We may have seen a bit of that last week in Amstel from MVP.

With Wout and Colbrelli also out, and MVP being heavily marked, the door opens for others…I really like Pedersen to have a good race. His form has been excellent all year. Asgreen in another guy to watch…QS has been a hot mess this year and the pressure will be on to deliver in the last big Northern Classic.

(I guess there is some chance Wout will ride, but not for the win…he will potentially refocus on Liege, depending on how his recovery is going)

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Is van Aert absolutely out? He’s still listed on Pro Cycling Stats.

Looks like WVA is racing after all but in a “support role”. Not sure I’m buying that but glad he’ll be out there either way.


Biggest news for me so far over on VeloNews:

The Domane I wanted a year ago! They took away the two issues that stopped me from getting an H1.5 geometry: seat mast and rear adjustable IsoSpeed.


Ben Turner from Ineos. If Pidcock is there and team leader it gives potential for strong riders to go up the road maybe. Ben has looked awesome the last few races. Probably not PR winning awesome, but there’s a chance.

We haven’t really seen a lot of the other four-star favourites fire at all this season have we.


Ineos’ team looks extremely strong and with in form riders all over the line up.

Almost certain that they’ll be anonymous :laughing:

Hope he’ll prove me wrong but not sure Ganna on cobbles is going to be a success.

Stefan Kung has shown good form this year could be one for an outside bet

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Agree. Not sure we’ve seen enough of Ganna to consider him a favourite. Though the field is in general quite even.

He’s probably Ineos’ best hope though outside of Turner though? I don’t really see Pidcock as having the PR win in him currently. He’s a supreme talent though so if the cards fell right🤷‍♂️.

Any news on Alaphalippe after his crash?

INEOS racing so smart this spring. MvdP is the favorite in any race he starts. On any surface.

MVDP will be hard to beat; he’s rested after not riding Brabantse Pijl and always highly motivated in the Monuments. I’d like to see Kristoff win.

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Haven’t seen anything, but he was never gonna race Roubaix.

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Was it on tarmac when he won the under 23 version? :wink:

If the weather is bad like it appears it will be, Kristoff’s odds get a lot better

??? All the reports I have seen say warm and dry. Did they change the forecast?

I think I have a shot at winning it but it’s not up on BikeReg. :frowning_face:


Really interesting race so far….Ineos forced an early split in the crosswinds, long before any of the cobbles. Most of the race favorites have been behind the whole race and Ineos and QS have been driving the pace in the front group.

Once they hit the cobbles, it has been hectic to say the least. Tons of punctures and crashes…Ganna has crashed and punctured separately and chased back both times.

Ineos is starting to look a little ragged, between the incessant pace, crashes and punctures.

I think MVP and WVA have played it correctly…had their teams ride just enough to keep the big break in touch and let the cobbles do their damage. My guess is that they make a move coming out of Arenberg.

Also interesting to see a number of Specialzied riders on Aethos frames…seems to be mostly some of the larger riders ( Terpstra, LeClerc, etc). Others seem to be on Tarmacs….don’t think I have seen a single Roubaix yet.

Arenberg in about 5K……

Tubeless seems to be a poor choice for this race….way more punctures this year. My guess is that it is a burping issue vs actual punctures. If you are gonna run tubeless in Roubaix, I think you really need to run inserts with them so you can keep riding if you do get a puncture

Just ride tubulars

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Oh I’m sure you’ll see a lot of teams revert back to tubs next year…

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Wout seems to be burning a lot of matches and not going anywhere.

Now Sturyven with a flat…I’ll just repeat that tubeless is not ready for Roubaix.

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