Puppy Paws at the Tour of the UAE

I broke down this morning and purchased a year of GCN+ to be able to watch the Tour of the UAE. Stage 3 is in the town I was resident for six year while working there.

Did you watch today’s stage too? It is going to take a while before they get used to the fact that puppy paws position on the bike is now prohibited, I saw it quite a bit today.

In effect April 1, which is appropriate since the uci is a joke. :clown_face:


yep this is the case.

Today was also the final stage of the Tour des Alpes Maritimes et du Var. Bramilla made the most of still being able to pedal on the top tube, and managed to stay away solo to win the stage and take the gc by a handful of second. It made me wonder if he hadn’t been able to, he might not have won the overall. Sad times for the baroudeurs ahead…


exactly, also looking forward to UCI selectively applying it only to those teams and riders it dislikes

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Worth it?

Technically speaking, so far so good. It is chromecast aware and IIRC I opened at my Mom’s house and it picked up on her new TV as well. The race video was decent too and the commentary was okay. Dan Lloyd was decent but I need a bit more to consider their color commentator. This will be for racing I am unable to watch via the more usual networks.

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I’m guessing that a lot of pro’s want to quietly say FU to the UCI before the new rules come into effect on 1 April.

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I just pictured the whole peloton doing it at once :rofl:

Yesterday a UAE rider chased an attack at the end. He was in 3rd wheel and went into puppy paws. 3rd wheel? I get it if you are on the front.