Two person earbud setup

Getting the training setup ready for winter. I want my wife and I to be able to work out side by side (her on treadmill, me on bike). Got to keep everything quiet, so I want us to be able to watch tv/movies with earbuds.

What options exist? I was looking at this option but I don’t think I’d like all that cord hanging around.

Bose has a sound share feature where you can connect one headphone to the source and then pair the headphones together in the app so that they both hear the same thing.

I’ve used this to connect bluetooth headphones to a TV. Seemed to work pretty well - claims to support dual bluetooth connections, but never tested that.

With Apple devices you can share your output to a second set of AirPods/AirPods Pro - my other half and I do this all the time when travelling using one of our iPads.