Headphone to TV suggestions

Hello There, I was wondering two things.

  1. Do people connect a pair of headphones to their TV. My trainer is pretty far from the TV and I cant hear much over the fan. I run everything through a amazon tv box but cant find anything to connect.
  2. If it is possible what are some good over the ear noise cancelling headphones that would work while sweating and working out? I love watching movies and if I can actively watch a movie instead of passively like I am doing now I think it will help improve my workouts.

I definitely find watching a DVD can help with my concentration/distraction.
I have a pair of headphones with quite a long lead, nothing fancy though.
In order not to deafen myself I just make sure I turn the subtitles on before I start.

I think there’s a headphone post somewhere else on this site…

There are tons of bluetooth or 2.4ghz headphones that hook up to your TV, I don’t have any specific recommendations, id just get some cheap pair off amazon since they are going to get trashed by the sweat

If you have a smart TV you should be able to pair a set of bluetooth headphones to it just like you might do on a smart phone.

I base phase i watch tv but it’s close enough to me that subtitles + tv is loud enough to keep me entertained. When i enter build phase, usually it’s just music as i can’t focus on the tv.

There’s a whole thread about headphones (or 2 lol) so the recommendations for that you can find there.

If you have a Roku device you can use a smart phone/tablet with the Roku app to do “Private Listening” with whatever headphones you usual use with your phone.


I wouldn’t go for over-the-ear headphones personally. Get a pair of bluetooth earbuds. IPX7 for sweat resistance ideally. You can find these all day on amazon for $20 or less. You will stay cooler without the bulky headphones, and you wont have to fuss with a cord.


If you use Apple TV you can sync any pair of Bluetooth headphones as well.

If you don’t have native BT on your TV (and it sounds like you don’t) and if you SmartTv stick doesn’t support BT, then you can buy a BT dongle that attaches to the audio-out jack on your TV. Then just pair your BT headphones to that dongle and you are good to go.

There are about a billion options on Amazon…


Apple TV with in ear Bluetooth Beats works great for me.

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That’s a great way to turn a non-BT source into something you can use with BT headphones. If your source is already BT-enabled, all you need are BT headphones, or a BT receiver to plug in wired headphones (also available for cheap on Amazon).

Airpods pro and a smart TV. Thats what I use and I love it.

Looks like your Amazon Fire stock supports BT…see article below and just follow the pairing instructions.

I have a Bluetooth speaker that I can pair to my amazon fire stick. Speaker can then sit right in front of me on my trainer table which helps overcome fan and trainer noise.

I have a Roku remote that I plug headphones into. I tried Bluetooth but the sound was always a bit off from the video, has anyone found a way around this?

It doesn’t matter for music or race videos, but trying to watch stuff on Netflix doesn’t work well.

You just need to watch out for lip-sync when using bluetooth earbuds / headphones which can be really noticeable when watching tv and movies. I’m having problems with this at the moment where a cheaper pair of TaoTronics bluetooth buds are better than more expensive products. I use a TaoTronics TT-BA09 Bluetooth Transmitter and pair it to my headphones. However the TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones only seem to last a few months before they pack up or no longer hold a charge. Ideally you need sweat proof headphones that have the AptX Low Latency codec. This is more common in over the head headphones than ear buds.

Amazon fire stick 4K has Bluetooth built in. I assume all the others do too.

Biggest problem I’ve found with headphones is them falling out when your ears get sweaty. Currently using Vidonn F1 cheap bike conduction headphones. You can combine them with earplugs to noise cancel if you want. Sound quality is fine. Not as good as Trekz, but you don’t need high quality during workouts and they’re much cheaper.

I wouldn’t have too much hope on watching videos though. Few workouts are so easy you can concentrate on a TV. I just watch incredibly simple films where if I miss a bit I still understand the plot, or TV series where every episode is the same.

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