Two new race analysis videos up!


great stuff @Nate_Pearson. you are crushing. tarmac over the venge?

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So after Winchester I decided to get a Tarmac too :smiling_imp:.

I hope to have it built next week.

Here’s how I plan on splitting it.

Hilly stuff

Flatter stuff

Simple as that. On races like sea otter circuit race where there’s a hill and a fast finish I’ll probably ride the venge as the aero in the finish is really important.

For the sea otter road race it will be the Tarmac since it finishes on a climb.

I’m excited to see how they feel compared to each other.


I watched both of those this morning. Great videos and the analysis is very interesting. I then put the hour long race up on the screen to do my ride to. :grinning:

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@Nate_Pearson I just checked the course, decent amount of climbing. Probably a solid choice.
I have something similar tomorrow. .75 mile crit with 44’ of climbing. The finish part of the crit is average 2% grade .37 mile and 49’ of climbing. Average is about 60 seconds.
I have my super light weight Emonda SLR that is a rocket with my race wheels and probably sub 14 pounds and then my allez sprint that has some slight aero and probably 15-ish with the same race wheels. Kind of torn which to race.

Thx Nate. Really enjoying these! Gives me something to look forward to when I can get on the bike in 6 weeks.


Flip a coin. It won’t really matter.

Or if you want to ride both, strategically get a flat half way through and get the other bike out of the pits.

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You’re right. It won’t really matter. The climb is short enough and being a power climb, it’ll just come down to watts and who gets the best lead out. Probably going with the allez sprint. I could get my 2 upgrade if I get a top 5. I think.

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we might be racing the same course tomorrow :grin:

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@Nate_Pearson havent watched the videos yet so this comment may be out of context… but quick tip…
I’d suggest importing x race route if there are descents into Best Bike Split to find out if it’s worth pedaling downhill and how hard. I know crit/road race is different than a TT/bike leg, but it may be something to check out.

Nate, thanks for doing these videos. As someone who has decent power numbers but an idiot with tactics/knowing how to race, these things are amazing information to see it in action.

Thanks for giving yourself an aero penalty with these gopros to help educate us!


Allez for sure based on how you described the course.

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Aero and weight…it kills me every time. I’m so dialed aerodynamically and then I put a big stop sign in front of my head tube :anguished:.


Oooooh. What time do you go?

cat 4 1045am

@Nate_Pearson Have more lbs on you and less power… seriously if you had a crystal ball could you have summoned the will to power down the final descent? Beautiful day to be racing in the Sierra foothills. Videos are :star::star::star::star::star: gold - keep up the good work on these!

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Did the same thing today during my workout.

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Yes :frowning:

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:+1: was reacting to “I was smashed” at top of final descent, and laying down at the end. You still had legs for the final climb, and I get Pete’s point. Mind over matter - prioritize closing gaps over last quick recharge. Thx!


Watched the full race footage during Eclipse today. @Nate_Pearson giving me motivation.

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