Help us with our Race Analysis Videos!

A new race season is coming up fast! Before all the racing begins and we jump into making Race Analysis videos, we want to hear what topics you would like to see this season. Our goal is to cover as many aspects of racing as we can and make videos that are useful for everyone.

Please vote on any topics (you can choose as many as you’d like) that you’d like us to cover this season. If there’s anything you really liked that we’ve done in the past, or didn’t like, comment below with any feedback you have. Like everything we do, we are always striving to improve, and are hoping to make lots of awesome race analysis videos this season. Thanks for your help!

  • Sprinting
  • Cornering
  • Drafting
  • Breakaways
  • Bridging
  • Climbing
  • Attacking
  • Positioning
  • Team Work
  • Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Race Etiquette
  • Other (Comment below!)

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Would like to see some MTB.




The races with multiple perspectives and having those voices in the review are magical. Having front and rear cams, with data for like three guys in the same race would literally be a game-changer. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen more than two guys. NorCal can’t do it. VC might be able to pull it off with his team. Chris Miller can’t get Jesse to ever run a cam. It’s up to you guys.

Seeing how team tactics play out throughout the field is fascinating and is helpful to those on teams and riding solo. Plus it’s gotta be more fun for you guys to analyze afterwards. Maybe Brandon, Jonathon and Nate in one of your local races since Pete wouldn’t be in TR kit and unless the field knows he’s ‘riding’ with you guys it might not get the same reaction that the same kit would.


More mountain bike videos with skills comments.


MTB, CX, and Gravel videos. There are a number of tips on these that can be helpful. Like choosing a start position for a CX race and why you do it. Like I lined up on the weeds on a gravel road CX start so I had more traction for the first few pedal strokes as an example.


+1 for more CX content!!

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We have a few races with cameras on me, Jonathan and Pete.


I have something about this, but want to take my time responding!

Might be cool to compare certain race efforts to specific TR workouts, if/when such comparisons are available.

A video to help people better analyse their own racing mistakes. i.e. what do you look for in a race analysis? This is something that takes a lot of experience, but some pointers of what to look for may help people analyse their own races better, and therefore help make them faster!

Potential examples:

  • Power output is consistently high throughout - either in a break, or not riding efficiently in the bunch?
  • In a circuit race, are you losing positions at the same location repeatedly?
  • Getting swamped at the final laps - caused by positioning, confidence, not keeping power on etc.?
  • Covering all of the moves from the gun, rather than letting others do the work… then blowing up half way through the race (my personal favourite… :slight_smile:)
  • Attacking when the pace is too high to get away.

Could be through data file analysis, pure recollection of the race (though this is often cloudy!) or people looking at their own footage. What is the best source (or combo of sources) for analysis?


More MTB skills with Lee McCormack. (Didn’t @ambermalika say she wanted to work on dirt skills? Make it so.)

Also super-simple race tactics for the first timer. For example:
“I’m near the front and a break just went up the road. What do I do?”
“The group just caught the group and I went off the front. Now what?”
Perhaps you have a TR employee just starting to race – consider filming them, giving them some coaching, and showing us the improvement.

Final suggestion: you guys keep mentioning Jose (a/k/a “the local fast sprinter”). Get him on the podcast, or to participate in some of these videos, perhaps?

All good stuff, which I’ve found really interesting and useful. I’ll still watch even if my suggestions don’t pan out.


Definitely some XC

I’ll add a vote for cyclocross videos, especially as I’d like to try my hand at that in 2020. I love the road races and crits though. They keep me occupied at school :wink: .