Tweaking plans for stage racing


I’m putting all my eggs in the small stage race basket this (2019) season. Are there any specific changes you would make to the existing plans to have them better suit 3 and 4 day road stage races?


Over the past 3 years or so I’ve dipped my toe further and further into the stage racing pond, and I’m absolutely obsessed. This season I’d like to fully focus on that discipline. My “A” race this season will be the Green Mountain Stage Race over Labor Day. leading up to that I have planned 2 smaller stage races, each containing 3 stages, and some summer crit races that I will use as tune ups for the “A” race. The first is a small 3 stage event in Indiana in mid may, then the Tour of Millersburgh in Pennsylvania the first weekend in august. this should leave me 4 weeks to recover and taper for the GMSR. I’m going to follow the proven, and trusted, base build and specialty format as it has worked wonders for me in the past. SweetSpot Base, Sustained Power Build (thinking of TTs and the large amount of climbing at GMSR,) finishing up with Climbing Road Race. What I have planned to modify is the arrangement of the interval days during the build and specialty period. I can’t remember if it was on the TR podcast or other reading I have done that suggested moving the weekday intervals together, to teach the body to adapt to the back to back nature of the events I’ll be targeting. during this time I’ll be racing our Tuesday night club series, then I’ve moved Tuesdays intervals to Wednesdays, wrapping up the weekday madness with the Thursday intervals as they should be. Has any one tried this before? To those who know more than I, does this seem logical?


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