Climbing Stage Race Plan

Hello all,

Before all the pandemic craziness started, I was training for a 3 day stage race with each stage consisting of mostly climbing and rollers. This event has been cancelled so in the spirit of trying to make the best of things, I figured I would put some time into developing a race day strategy for next year.

What are some pacing strategy’s that you all have used when creating a race day plan. I know if I go hard off the gun and try and stick with the initial surge, I’ll only be kicking myself half way through wishing I had saved that energy for later on in the stage. Would simply using my Wahoo element to match 3 min avg power with my zones based off my FTP be a proper strategy? And if so, how do I decide what zones I should be staying in to ensure I keep the power smooth and don’t blow up through the entire 3 stages. Obviously, zone 5 would be the best since that’s the most power output but zone 5 is nowhere near sustainable for a 2-3 hour stage.

Thanks for the insight. Don’t know what I would do with TR.