Tweaking a planned route in Strava

I think it’s a simple question but so far, I’ve failed to find a simple answer. Hoping you knowledgeable folks can assist.

When you see a route posted up on Strava and you opt to ‘Make this a route’, how do you go about adjusting the Start/Finish points, without Strava Route Planner going bonkers and altering the entire route?

I have tried simply dragging the Start/Finish points or adding a couple of new points but nothing seems to work. The route just gets screwed up and I have to try and create it from memory.

Whilst I’m asking this question, does anyone know how to set your Garmin to plot a route in reverse?

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I put the file on Garmin in .tcx. with tcx you can pick up the route everywhere.

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I usually replicate it by looking and copying. Strava’s route builder really needs some upgrades - it needs much more than the basic lick of paint it has just received.

FWIW, I build all my routes in RideWithGPS. It’s free, has superior library functions than Strava, the Collections feature is a neat way to visualize routes that you group, and you can import / export to your head unit, watch, etc.


I’ve found that If I want to alter any part of the route and preserve what was there (like adding a detour to a POI, or food stop) I put down two waypoints with a little segment of route between them. Then drag that segment to where you want to go. The waypoints are anchored so the route on either side won’t move. I haven’t tried, but I expect the same thing should work for start/finish. Just put a waypoint near the end you want to move, the move it where you want.

I noticed that and couldn’t find a solution. I just subscribed to strava app on mobile and checked the map route planning. It’s really poor, and inflexible! You can’t change the route once set up, only undo by sequence in order. The graphics of the map is also really poor, not displaying location and road names, unless you zoom right in. - Will not use strava beyond trial period.

Is it compatible with Garmin navigator? Can map be downloaded to it?

Which made it far worse IMO. Agree, RidewithGPS is way better.

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Not sure about Garmin Navigator but you can export the routes to a bunch of different formats.

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It works and its really easy! I just uploaded my rides from Garmin to Ride with GPS. The fit file is compatible. However, the avg speed and max. speed display swapped values and the elevation profile is not precise.

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Glad it worked. Enjoy!