Creating a Route on strava

I’m going to be entering some rides as part of the Manitoba Randonneurs; so far I’m looking at the 200km events. I tried to upload the course using GPX files provided on the Randonneurs website, but kept getting a time missing error message. So I decided to manually create the route. I saved the route, but cannot find it when I do a Segment Search or Segment Explore. However, the route is there under My Routes under the name Marchand 200. So I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong. Any advice is appreciated.

I think the gpx to route function has been broken on strava for ages. It’s one of their “labs” features and they just don’t seem to want to fix it.

You won’t find your route under segment search or segment explore - that is because it’s not a segment!

As I test, I just downloaded the Marchand 200 route (as a .tcx file), then copied it across to the Newfiles folder of my Edge (as per the ridewithgps instructions.

Upon rebooting, the course was there on my Edge.

This, it’s a route.
I manually create routes like this all the time bc the strava functionality rarely works for me. Just create the route in strava, sync to GPS, load route in GPS, boom.

As noted, it’s not a segment, it’s a route. The only thing I’d add is that you can’t actually make a segment until after you’ve done the route. It’ll use your data to build the segment.

Thanks for the replies. I do have the route on my Garmin 520, but I won’t be able to ride until April when the weather hopefully gets better. Right now it’s -32C with the windchill.

What do you get from using Strava for the route when all of Manitoba routes are already on RWGPS? I didn’t know that they were running a 1000k out in Manitoba this year so that might be something to put on my calendar. Good luck on the 200, it looks like a nice route!

I figured that since I’m doing the ride and there was no Strava for it, I would create one (haven’t created any before). It should be a fun ride, hopefully the temps go up and I have a tail wind on the way back.