Route Creation App / Site Recommendations

Now that Strava has paywalled their route creation feature, does anyone have suggestions for good sites?

My minimum requirements / wants:

  • Ability to export to Garmin Edge - This is probably a no brainer, but putting it out there
  • Needs to be able to do both road and gravel routes
  • Ability to copy / duplicate a route
  • Ability to easily edit an existing route - Strava really sucked at this part. It wasn’t really possible to edit / change a route once you had it created
  • “Snap to” roads / trails
  • Creating routes must work well on a computer - having a good iOS app is a bonus
  • Nice to have: ability to import the routes I’ve already created, and let me edit them

I’m willing to pay for a good site that meets all of the above.

Ridewithgps does it for me. I have paid for it in the past but I can’t remember why as currently the free version does everything I need. It should tick all your boxes although I don’t know what the IOS app is like.


Ridewithgps. I use it as my single source for creating all routes, then export / import them into my watch or head unit as needed. Their Collection feature to group similar routes is pretty slick, too.


One more for RideWithGPS. They tuned the site up a little while ago. Made some improvements I like.

It will ‘snap to’ pretty much all municipal and rail-to-trail bike trails. Sometimes annoyingly so.

Don’t know about the export process. I always just save my routes to a file and then transfer them via usb cable to my navigation device. I never connect my GPS devices to WiFi.

The Garmin Connect website has a built in router builder. On the left of the screen navigate to Training, then Courses, and then create a course from there. It meets all your requirements and is free. The route creating might be a little finicky for you since its a similar interface to Strava.

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I use RideWithGPS all the time together with the Wahoo Elemnt. They have a relatively new feature where they can push an updated route directly to your head unit. You just have to link your account in the head unit settings. Often I will map a route in Strava first just so I can use the Heatmap feature (premium members only I think) which shows the most commonly used roads/trails and then I retrace it out using RideWithGPS so I get the turn by turn directions on my Elemnt. I find the RWG is easier for making edits and trying different variations of the same route by saving a copy the original route and grabbing the route line on the map and pushing/pulling it over different roads/paths. They recently improved their mapping functions and has some really good functions.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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I know how to get RideWithGPS to push routes to my GPS devices. I just don’t want to connect my GPS devices to WiFi.

Komoot :+1: :+1: :+1:
Let you choose your riding (road only, gravel, mtb, touring…)
Let you know the road surfaces
And more

I tried RideWithGPS and the snap-to feature is really freaking annoying. They an option to turn that off. I know which road I want to ride on, so don’t assume the road I’m using is a problem and route me onto another road.

I gave the Garmin route creator another try, and at least you can duplicate courses, so that is a very slight improvement over Strava.

I will have to give Komoot a chance.

thanks for the suggestions

RWGPS web editor can be a little finicky, I drop and drag control points to force road selection. Think you have to toggle edit control points or something. The free version works. Our club has an account so I get offline maps if it’s in the library. I mostly edit club century rides - I ride my bike to somewhere on the route instead of driving 30 minutes to the start.

Garmin has done some updates.

Both sync via mobile to my 530.

I use Garmin Connect and think it does fine for what I need. I only ride on the road, at least only intend to ride on the road.

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