Garmin navigation - starting a route from a different start point

I had a navigation question for those who use it frequently. I have a century route that starts in one particular town, but my plan for whenever I do it is to pick it up in another town which is actually toward the end of the route at mile 79 (I’d be riding from my parents’ home to the next town over). Is there any way garmin would then navigate me for the entire route or would I have to restart it at what is the start of the ridewithgps route? Admittedly, I don’t spend a lot of time fiddling with ridewithgps or other route planning stuff, so if there is a way to easily change the start/end point that would be probably the easiest thing (doesn’t seem like I can with ridewithgps).

I’ve noticed that a route will end when you get to the finish line. I think you will need to restart the route.

If you start in a different place it will ask if you want to navigate to the start, but if you go through the finish it will complete the route and you’ll have start over.

kind of what I thought, that wouldn’t be ideal in the scenario I’m imagining (basically a 5hr time trial) so I may have to find a way to rebuild the route with a different start point

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I’d be curious to hear if there’s a good way to do this. There are some great routes near me that I’d love to reassign the start as my house and still do the route without totally rebuilding it if possible.

Maybe you can try the following:

When you start the route from a different location it asks you if you want to navigate to the start. You
should say no as you want to start following the route as soon as you are on it, not necessarily from the start.

Then as soon is you get onto to the route, it will find the course and start navigating to the finish.

Right before the finish you can pause the Garmin for a couple of seconds and start it again when you are past the finish. It should then start tracking the route again from that point.

It is very easy to edit a route on Ride With GPS. Open the route, click edit (button is on the top left), you can then drag and drop any of the waypoints on the route including the start and finish.

Advanced Route Planning and Editing | Ride With GPS Help

You might need a paid subscription for this functionality.

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There are quite a few online tools that let you cut a route in two then restitch them back together so that you get a different start/end point. is one such So if a route goes A->B->C->D->A and you want to start from C then you cut the route into two: A-C and C-A. You then swap the two halves around ( well really you just append what was the first part to the end of the second part) so you have C->D->A->B->C. A little work but not as much as redrawing it from scratch.

I’ve started long (100km) routes at locations other than the “official” start and ignoring the “would you like to navigate to the start” prompt and when I’ve got to the “end” I just reload the route and since I’m now at the “start” I just carry on riding. My unit records my ride as I’ve ridden it of course.

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Is this definitely how Garmin nav works, or are you formulating a hypothesis (I genuinely don’t know).

So, if I load my 100km race map onto my Garmin, but ride to the 50km point first, will it navigate me onto the course from that point if I say no (to “navigate to start” or whatever it says)?

Thanks heaps :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, I often ride to a meeting point without loading the course as I know the beginning by heart. I then just load the course from there and it will just pick up from where I join the course.

It’s also not that hard to edit the course start point in garmin connect. I do that with lots of routes I find online.

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Perfect. Thanks heaps!

That’s perfect, I was debating making a few different “routes” or start points, but I’m hoping to go and session a few of the key trails and drop on to the race course for different sections as they sort of present themselves.

Yea, just like when you loose connection during the ride, the Garmin will follow the route again as soon as it can place you back on any part of the route.

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