Turn off notifications on iPhone?

Is there a simple way to turn off all notifications temporarily on the iPhone? I find it super annoying when I am in a hard interval, and notifications pop up on my screen. A quick search on Google indicates I may have to go app by app, which isn’t practical. I like to ride in resistance mode, and notifications block my power output. I really don’t want to be disturbed by much of anything when I’m working out. Calls popping up are about all I want to see—no texts, no notifications, and probably not even the alarms to remind me to take out the recycling…


Swipe up and turn on Do Not Disturb:

(the moon icon)

Then configure Settings > Do Not Disturb to allow calls:

I’ve configured mine to allow calls from Favorites (family and key people at work).


Tried that, but work emails keep coming through… those are the one I absolutely don’t want to see! Haha

I guess I’ll need to remember to go to the work email app and turn notifications off when I start and hope to remember to turn them back on afterwards.

Thank you. For Thursday suggestion

Quit your job. The emails and the work itself are only getting in your way. :wink: Bill collectors like to call instead of email.


I don’t think what you mean is notifications per se, but banner notifications. I’m in the same boat and hate them popping up while training. So I just disable banner notifications for the email and text apps. I hate those when I’m using my phone anyway.

It would be great if there was a way for TrainerRoad to block the banner notifications automatically, as an option of course.

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If you turn on Airplane Mode and turn off WiFi, there will be no way for your emails to come through :wink:

So in summary:

  1. Turn on Do Not Disturb
  2. Turn on Airplane Mode
  3. Turn off WiFi (if this didn’t happen automatically)

Easy peasy :slight_smile:


You can use Do Not Disturb mode to temporarily turn off all notifications on the iPhone.

In the new IOS 15 update you can set a “personal” focus so that if the TrainerRoad app is open all notifications are off automatically. Yes, app-based.

Settings → Focus → Personal (and set as you want)

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on older iOS versions you would have to activate the option for disabling notifications when the screen is unlocked. It is in the do not section of older operating systems.