Suppress App Updates [Feature Request]

Possible feature request…

Hi, would it be possible to add a setting to reduce/hold off updates?

Some of us [eg me!] have a Trainer Setup that includes (i) an old laptop, situated in a garage/shed/basement where (ii) wifi is poor/non-existent.

It seems to me that the app is forever trying to update, and runs particularly slow at start-up (trying to fresh workouts whilst also trying to update the app).

It would be great to turn off updates as a setting - in Profile(?). I would prefer do the updates at a time of my choice - eg once every few weeks when the laptop is in the house and there is time for the update to update; and not when I am in m y riding gear, in the cold, waiting to start a workout.


Thanks for the request!

I should mention though that a few of your requests may be fixable with the help of the support team once they have the full scope of your devices, feel free to check in with them at Some devices have the option of deleting the installer in app data, but this varies based upon your operating system, the team can help you check!

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