[Feature Request] Turn off Post-Workout Surveys

Hi, how can I disable the popup at the end of the workout. We have TSS and many other metrics, that’s annoying for me. Thanks

It’s part of adaptive training. You can turn adaptive training off from your account page, but i’m not sure that will also disable that pop-up.


Hey! Welcome to the forum and to TrainerRoad!

While you’re primarily choosing workouts TrainNow workouts, we definitely recommend answering those Post-Workout surveys when can. The responses you provide give Adaptive Training even more insight into how you’re feeling, and it helps make even more customized TrainNow recommendations.

The recommended TrainNow workouts you’re served may be impacted by these survey responses in a few ways. If you had an interruption during a workout for example, and AT thinks you struggled through the workout, it’s important to clarify that ‘I didn’t struggle’ so that it’s not misinterpreted as fatigue and results in an easier workout next time.
Your Intensity surveys help TrainNow as well, where by all accounts you may have met all the marks for power targets during a workout, but had far too easy of a time doing so. Adaptive Training will only serve you more effectively by receiving feedback of how these workouts feel, and you’ll be even better served the right workout at the right time.

That said, I don’t foresee us putting this on the roadmap as a feature request. Looking at a completed workout only tells a portion of the story of what it was like to actually execute it. The ways in which a coach would want to know how your workouts feel to better understand how to adjust your plan, Adaptive Training does, too. It’s an invaluable part of the training experience to provide feedback that’s understood, and a huge step forward in AT that we can effectively receive and comprehend it. A GREAT feature to utilize to the fullest!
I know it can be burdensome to fill those out when you just want to wrap up your workout, but its really helping TrainerRoad meet your needs more effectively.

@PhydomiR just to clarify, turning AT off does not turn off Post-Workout surveys. This was the case in early iterations of Adaptive Training, but not anymore. We really want to encourage athletes to utilize the Post-Workout surveys, because its ultimately pretty critical in the success of AT serving you appropriate workouts that help move you forward. :thumbsup:

@zoboldfuk let me know if you have any other questions about TrainerRoad as you’re getting started, we’re here to help!