Tunes to bury yourself with

Some of my bike test tunes



Tunes! Great choices!

I’m a big fan of Public Service Broadcasting for a ramp test. “Go” “Korolev” “Spitfire” and “London Can Take It” always make the list.

My list includes lots of Shinedown - “Brilliant”, “Kill Your Conscience” and Halestorm - “I am the Fire”, “I Miss the Misery” and some Three Days Grace - “Pain”, etc.

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The entire Chemical Brothers’ back catalogue on shuffle play on Spotify.

Just awesome and never fails to get the legs going.


Share your Ramp Test playlists! big selection here.


Legend by The Score
Bangarang by Skrillex
Fight Music by D12
Freak Like Me by Halestorm
Indestructible by Distrubed
Blue on Black by Five Finger Death Punch
Thuderstruck by ACDC
Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers
Remember the Name by Forth Minor
Sweating Bullets by Megadeath

Rip & Tear and BFG Division off of the Doom 2016 game soundtrack by Mick Gordon. When I have a big effort coming up, those two tunes put me in the right frame of mind!

EDIT: adding links

Rip & Tear
BFG Division

hahahah i have a Metallicycle playlist. We would get along well!

That’s half the playlist

Otherwise there’s also this one

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Hardcore 180-200 bpm :smiling_imp:
If you can bare it. This will get you going like nothing else!
Apart from the next list :roll_eyes:

Nothing wil get you going harder then this stuff!
Uptempo hardcore 200 bpm+
NOT for the faint of heart :joy: If you can’t handle the first one don’t even try this. :smiling_imp:

It’s an old one, but I always find myself going back to this Album when I need some music to motivate me:

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Indoor cycling training, go deep!

The Cycling Playlist

The music is great, but the lyrics are a melodic personal coach for me:

Breaking Benjamin/Until the End

(lyrics excerpt)
I feel it growing stronger
I’ll live to die another day
Until I fade away

Why give up, why give in?
It’s not enough; it never is
So I will go on until the end

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It is easy to play Spotify on devices. I get the Spotify Downloader from AudFree to save the songs. It works well to save the lossless music files of Spotify. I love it.

Love Infected Mushrooms…here is one of their albums

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enjoy :slight_smile:

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I also find psy trance strangely motivating during hard sustained efforts even though I’m mainly a metal head! :smile:

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Personally, I’d throw Thunderstruck in somewhere around minute 12-14… It puts me right into game-time mode, not quite fistfight attitude. Whatever gets you through after that.

Suicide Squad soundtrack has some heavy hitters if you’re into Hip-Hop, Rap, and Electronic stuff.

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That Medieval Warfare song by Grimes was a go to a few years ago as I got into indoor training!

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