Tubeless Pump Options - Dual Chamber v Airblaster v Compressor

I’m late to the tubeless game. Any recommendations on a pump/ options for seating tyres?

Options are:

  1. Dual Chamber Track Pump
  2. Air Blaster style separate tank
  3. Electric compressor

Option 2 is the cheapest. I’m happy with my track pump, but it was inexpensive/ cheap. It does the job.

I can get an electrical compressor for not much more than the bottom of the market Dual Chamber Track Pump (€70 v €100). Compressor is obviously not portable, but has a bigger range of functions (even for the bike, for drying).

The compressor is more a compromise for the general DIY jobs, but should be well up to the bike job (plus maybe a restore project I have waiting!)?

Anyway, what says TR Community?

Here’s my toolset for tubeless, no more struggles and no more messes.

Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack

MilKit Tubeless fill system (works with stans race)

Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter

And this for “fine tuning” mfkin Schwalbe Pro Ones

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I have the CrankBrothers Klic pump, which is expensive but it’s been great. The reservoir is detachable, which is nice, so I don’t need it all the time. I went with the digital pressure gauge version, again, nice to get a good pressure reading. The downside is that it’s EXPENSIVE. I got it on sale and it was still expensive. But it’s performed really well and now that all my bikes are tubeless, it’s worth it for me. An air compressor would be awesome, but you lose out on portability if that matters. I can take my pump to races, though I’ve never needed to seat a tire so far.

As far as other tubeless setup tools, I’ve stopped using all the dedicated tubeless tools. I used to use the KOM Cycling sealant injector, but the tube broke and I never replaced it. I’m fine with just pouring in the sealant and then seating the tire. All I use now are tire levers and the pump. I agree with @c-h-a-d that Schwalbe Pro Ones are stubborn tires, but I haven’t too much trouble with them lately. They’ve been harder to get off the wheel than on for me.

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