Tubless road tires. Continental 5000 or Schwalbe Pro One?

I’ve used both tires in 28mm on CLX32 wheels after some GP4k 25mm. The Schwalbe are a battle to put on and they didn’t last well on the rougher country roads during Midwest chipseal season.

GP5kTL install much easier and “feel” better. The rubber seems softer and i much prefer them so far, I haven’t put them through a full summer yet. The 28mm is 29.75mm wide at 80psi on the CLX32 wheels.

Similar experience as @c-h-a-d except both were a bitch to put on. The 5Ks I actually had to give in and take one to shop. I didn’t find the Pro Ones particularly durable and our roads are OK but not great, lots of little cuts and nicks and I had to plug one borderline puncture.

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Did you use the tire jack from koolstop tire jack?

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I was able to eventually get the Pro Ones on with tire levers, which most would say is risky. Even with a bead jack the 5Ks were brutal (Prime RR-38 wheels).

I’ve had both the 28mm and 25mm GP5000 TL’s on CLX 50s and the 28’s were much easier to mount than the 25’s. Neither were easy, but the 25’s were a struggle to get on the rim.

Once fitted, the 25’s had a nice aero profile with the rim width, while the 28’s were slightly wider than the rim when inflated to 60+ psi.

If I were to get another set of CLX50’s I would probably look into S-Works RapidAir tubeless tires for ease of mounting/removal.

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I did run through the tools I’d purchased along the way when dealing with the Schwalbes over at another topic which did include the tire jack. With those tools I wouldn’t worry much about either tire installation (other than roadside). I do just like the feel of the 5k better. Not surprising as I loved the 4K and only went to the Pro Ones for tubeless compatibility.

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That´s not the usual experience with those tires and also not what I found.

Normally, the GP5000 is waaaay harder to install than the pro one. I even heard about bikeshops refusing to mount those tires on certain rims. My experience is similar. Last season I rode the Conti tire. Was sooo hard to install. I had one thumb bleeding and we could barely get it on with two strong guys (and yes, I know how to install new tires, but this one is definitely different).

This season I installed the schwalbe tire. Can´t say much about the road feel by now, but mounting them on the same rim was very easy. Did not need any tools or whatsoever.

In my opinion, the advantage of the conti is the puncture protection. The advantage of the Schwalbe is the weight and the easy mounting. Rolling resistance differences seem to be neglectible.
And for road racing, I would even consider to mount the pro one tt if the road surface is good enough.

I installed 25mm GP5000TLs by hand on to Farsports rims. You have to use all the tricks!

Let tire sit in the sun for 10 minutes before installation

Use lubrication - a little soapy water on the bead

start opposite the valve stem and really jam the bead all the way into the center channel. keep holding the tire tight as you go around the rim maintaining the bead in the center channel.

Wear work gloves. Saves your fingers and makes it easy to grip the tire and pull it over the rim.


In comparison with the 4000 25mm how much larger are these 5000 28mm?

Damn! So hard to mount those tires? I’ll have to buy them and mount them in the shop for sure because I can manage average difficulties on mounting tires but sometimes is hard and by the looks of these Tubless tires their are devils. The 4000 I’ve assembled myself but took some time and effort. Not happy to try these Tubless by myself though.

The specialized Tubless for sure are easier to mount but I’ve only used that brand tubless tires in mountain bike some years ago and I didn’t like them much because they didn’t last long and had several unrepaired punctures.

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I never measured the 4K, they were only briefly installed on the CLX32 before moving to some non-tubeless wheels. The 4K were tires from another bike that accepted 25mm max on SLX24 and I was quick to size up and go tubeless when I could with a new bike as I was itching for lower pressure on the chipseal - 2018 county road budget seemed to be loose change here.

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Anything but Continental

I have used both. I found them about the same to install on my Cannondale carbon rims (supplied, apparently, by Stan’s). I much prefer the GP5000TL. Mainly because I got a bunch of flats on the Pro One and, because they have no latex liner, they are a pain to patch if the hole is big.


Personally I’ve had many good experiences with the Pro One. GP5000 was fine, if a bit underwhelming.

I’d just like to throw out a recommendation for the Pirelli Pzero Velo tires - they mount fairly easily and seem to hold up quite well. Ride quality is good, grip is predictable.

Next time I do road tubeless on one of my personal bikes I’ll be on the new Challenge Paris-Roubaix TLR. I love love love those tires.

Have said it in a number of threads, but im a fan of the Pro Ones (28mm), have done roughly 25,000km on them. I get about 4-5000km from a rear, and I ride chip seal/rougher roads a reasonable amount. Have had to patch a few times and plug once. Never had to resort to a tube, so I dont even carry one anymore

Have not tried GP5000 because I was already on Pro Ones when they came out and havent had issues, also cost is close to double in AU

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Did you get flats with the “old” pro One or with the new 2020 Pro One TLE? IMO you cant compare, because the 2020 version is a completely new tire.

The old version. I didn’t even know there was a new one.

Similarly, I was using the old Pro Ones as well.

As noted earlier on the Schwalbe Pro One’s, my experience is similar…these are difficult to install and low mileage. I have Reynolds carbon wheels and had to use new tire levers to slip these on after bending an old long lasting lever. Once it was on and sealant was applied, the ride quality was great on occasional chipseal and smooth and broken roads. Used on a few training rides and road races then after maybe ~400 or ~500 miles, started to notice sealant bubbling up. I will not be using these again.

Was that with 2016 Pro Ones or the new 2019 Pro Ones? I’ve used the 2016 version for many miles and love them. Purchased the 2019 version with the addix compound as soon as they released and I am also seeing sealant slowly bubbling out. They still work and the hold pressure well, I just never had this issue with the 2016 version. Although the 2019’s feel more plush and better in my hands, I’m liking the 2016 better with the one star compound and microskin. Never had sealant seep out with the 2016’s.

What sealant are you using? I am using finish line.